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Is this an std

So I had sex and the condom broke. I developed redness on the top half of my penis all over. It’s accompanied by a very slight burn right underneath the head. Got tested for chlamydia and ghonnorhea both negative. Sometimes it feels a bit uncomfortable at the end of urination. I also haven’t been properly hydrating. I tore my acl and had bad hygiene and this is around when it started. It’s been going on for a month or two now and I am uncircumcised.
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Duuude! See, I am not a doctor.  But it looks a lot like my experience. I had a moderately tight foreskin and I developed a rash-like thing right after a couple of days of my first unprotected exposure. It created a little bit of burning after urination and redness all around the glans. It took time but went away on its own. Mine was a case of balanitis, a fungal infection. The doctor told me to keep the area totally dry even after urinating. Although there are a lot of medicines for acute balanitis, I will ask you to talk to your physician first. I don't think you have got an std.

Wish you all the luck.
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I appreciate the response.
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