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Is this an std?

I am male and have a few sexual with other men.

I have rarely any unprotected anal sex. I bottomed twice a few year ago, and once A guy sat on my erect penis due to a misunderstandings, but I removed it from his anus after a few seconds.

Otherwise I have also received and given oral sex.

Recently I notice discharge from penis, it’s very little bit, cloud white and no smell. I only see it in morning and only 1 small drop. I also have burning when I pee once a day.

No sore ever, and I noticed the discharge a few days ago.

Can it be Gonnorrhea ? I read that Gonoreah has yellow thick smelly discharge, not white watery and no smell like mine. How about chlamydia?

Thank you
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Honestly, it could be gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU or mycoplasma genitalium. It could also be an issue with your prostate, or just a normal discharge.

The only way to know for sure is to get tested. You've had some risk, so testing is a good idea.

For the burning, make sure you're drinking plenty of water and lay off the alcohol and caffeine.

Let us know what happens with your testing.
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Thank you! I went for testing yesterday. They took a urine sample for Gonorreah and chlamydia. I’m waiting on results now.

She didnt bring it up, but I asked about syphilis and she recommended testing for it just in case. I’ve never had any sores so I don’t know whether I need it or not? What are typical syphilis symptoms? Should I test for it?
Sure, you can test for it. I wouldn't be overly worried about it. Did she offer you testing for it?

Syphilis would give you a round, painless sore initially. That's the primary phase. If you miss that, and some do, if they aren't looking for it, the secondary stage is a rash, usually on the palms of your hands, soles of your feet and torso, but that can vary a bit. That's harder to miss. If you don't get it treated then, it can spread to other parts of your body, and you may not feel symptoms. This can take years.

It's a good idea to test for it with routine testing, but it's uncommon enough that you don't have to run out and test after every sexual encounter.
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