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Is this recurring fungus on these pictures of my genitalia?

This started happening after one sexual encounter I had. I have these ecounters very rarely, and it started right after one, so it is probably due to that. On my testicles the skin gets wrinkly, it feels almost like there is some kind of a layer on top, almost like a plastic film, also the skin will peel. The skin looks different and can shine or reflect light, see picure 026 for example. It went away roughly in a week or so.

It has been coming back regularly, even when in between for many months I haven't had any sexual encounters. I have tried several times a terbinafine cream for a week or so, it does go away, but still comes back again many times. Since it also goes away by itself, I cannot confirm if it's the terbinafine that works.

Also on my shaft the skin can feel rough, i.e. as if the skin was about to peel or so. The pattern on the shaft on pictures 001 and 046 show it, and it feels rough to the touch. Normally it is smooth and without the slight uneven patterns. However, the most affected area is the scrotum. Normally the skin is smooth everywhere, so this is a significant effect.

I know this sounds like fungus, but since after using the cream it keeps coming back, maybe you can tell me what else it can be. Or maybe I need to use the cream for longer, a full month every day for example, or maybe I keep getting reinfected from some other parts of my body? Any info is appreciated.

It does seem to get worse when I masturbate a lot, probably due to the sweating. Then I try to take it easy for a week and it gets better.

Here are some pictures:

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Not going to look at your pictures, but fungus itches.  A lot.  You're probably just irritating yourself.
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My skin issue is not itching at all. The skin also started to peel more, here is a picture of it: https://ibb.co/FX1Cq5z
Similar peeling like on the shaft in the picture has happened on the scrotum multiple times. I am not doing anything to irritate my scrotum. What else could it be if it is not fungus?
Peeling skin often indicates a fungal infection. It could also indicate eczema, or an allergic reaction. The only way to know for sure is to see a doctor.

My advice would be to stop self-treating - you've tried for months and it's not working, so let a professional try now.

Let us know what happens.
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