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Is this syphillis

I've had many unprotected oral sex partners but always use a condom for sex. Ive also never given but only received oral sex. Over the last few months I've developed bald patches, first a small one the size of a penny on my beard then 2 more on my head, one the size of a quarter and one 3 times that size. I've read hair loss is a symptom of secondary syphillis.

1)Do you think this is what I have? I've never noticed a canker sore. The only thing I've found on the inside of my lip was a tiny blister or bubble.

2)If this could be syphillis can clarithromycin cure it? I'm taking it for bronchitis. 500mg Every 12 hours for 10 days

3)if it does cure it, will I be able to find out if I did in fact have syphillis?
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Hi bald patches are symptoms of Alopecia not syphilis and out breaks are at point of contact so your head would need to have been rubbing up against her vagina but the head hair would act as a barrier so i would rule syhpilis out.
I've read that bald spots are a sign of secondary syphillis and only stage 1 symptoms are at the site of infection, ie a canker sore.I guess there's no way to know for sure based on that symptom.

What about the antibiotics I'm taking. Will clarithromycin cure syphillis?
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