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Itching/burning in groin after massage parlor with protected oral and vaginal

I went to a massage parlor and had protected vaginal and received protected oral sex. My groin and inner thigh area have been abnormally itchy/burning starting 2 days ago, which started 16 days since the massage parlor/intercourse exposure. I'm worried sick that I've contracted herpes 2, or any other skin contact STD (since condoms don't fully protect against that). I haven't had any other symptoms or outbreak symptoms yet, but it's still very itchy and I haven't done anything new that night cause the itchiness. Should I get tested? And when is the earliest and latest I should get tested?
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It would be very unusual for you to only get itching and burning without sores if it were herpes.

Do you see any redness, rash, or bumps? You could have a fungal infection - think yeast, jock itch, things like that.

You could also be having an allergic reaction to something. Have you recently changed any products you use - laundry detergent, soap or body wash, toilet paper or wipes? Even if you use the same brand, perhaps you've changed scents, or the product changed formulas, usually "new and improved". Started wearing a different kind of underwear?

You had protected everything. The chance of you getting herpes is very, very low, around 1 in 10,000. (Your chance of getting struck by lightning this year is about 1 in 3.000.) Syphilis wouldn't cause an itch like this - you'd only get a painless sore. HPV probably wouldn't appear this soon, and if you got symptoms from it - many don't - it would be bumps, not itching.

So watch yourself for any redness, bumps, rashes, etc. If you see any, get checked by a doctor. If the itch doesn't subside in a couple of days, see your doctor. (When I say watch yourself, I mean check once or twice a day, not every hour or anything - that will just serve to irritate already irritated skin.)

I'd be really surprised if this is an STD.

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Thanks for response.
I haven't done anything differently. No new clothes or detergents, no travel, no activities.

Lots of info says herpes can have no symptoms. What if this is just s precursor sign of it.

How long should I wait to get full testing?

When does HPV symptoms occur?
Prodrome - the warning signs, or precursors, to herpes last 2 days at most before an outbreak occurs. If it lasts longer than that, it's not herpes.

HPV symptoms can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months, though the majority is 2-3 months.

You don't need full testing. You had protected everything.

The only things you'd be at risk for, and the risk is very low, is syphilis (test at 6 weeks), herpes (test with an IgG at 6 weeks, though if you have no symptoms, you don't really need to test because there are a lot of false positives and that will send you down an anxiety spiral that could take you months and lots of money to get out of), and HPV. There is no HPV test for men.

Do you have a regular partner that you cheated on? Is that causing your anxiety? Remember that guilt doesn't equal risk.
Thanks for the reassurance. I haven't had any symptoms after the itching, so it does seem unlikely of an STD. Whew, thanks. But it does seem wise for me to still get testing at 6 weeks to confirm.
If you see a rash or anything, see a doctor sooner, as there are lots of things that cause itching that aren't STDs. If you remain symptom-free, testing at 6 weeks is fine, and it's a good idea to test regularly if you are sexually active.

Let us know what happens. :)
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