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Itching penis with black spots....

HI everybody, on march 31th i had unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex with a prostitute. I used a durex pleasuremax condom which had some gel at the tip of it. The session lasted for just 2 minutes and i washed of ma penis after that. A week later my penis was itching a lot , when i shaved the entire area i noticed some black mole like marks on ma balls. I got a antifungal cream and used which reduced the itchness but developed some red spots in the 4th day after use. The i went to a doctor and he gave me a tablet and an allergic cream. The tablet was bit effective and reduced the icthing to 30%. The black mark did not go and i was applying the cream for the past 3 days.. Suddenly i noticed that ma penis head skin was very rough and the next stage it would peal. so i stopped the cream...
My question is

1. Do i have HIV and are these symptoms of HIV.?
2. How bad is my condition?
3. I am going to get tested in 15 days from now...so it will be 30 days after exposure... Is that result conclusive or should i wait for 3 or 6 months..??

Please help me friends
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30 days is conclusive for common std's such as chlamydia or gonorrhea.
3 months for hiv.
possible allergic reaction to the condom.(happened to me before)
dont get prostitutes ever again ok?
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Due to the condom, you really have not need to worry about HIV.  If it didn't break,especially, I wouldn't worry about other std's either.  The black spots and itchiness makes me think of scabies.  You may want to get that checked out.
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thanks a lot guys...
but people say that condom dont protect against aids...
so, how far is my case??
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itching has reduced now after i consumed the prescribed tablets.
i stopped using the cream because ma skin was pealing on the head of ma penis.
why is the skin pealing? is that a symptom of HIV? The condom did not break and the encounter was just for <2 minutes. Pls advice. Thank you guys
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There is no risk of getting HIV with condom use if it does not break.  I do not know where the people you have talked to got their information from.  You need to be posting in the HIV community for any further information on HIV.  Maybe if you hear it from others you will understand, especially from the forum that is dedicated to HIV.
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thanks a lot man... the condom did not  break... i saw the semen inside when i took it out.
but i read in several sites that condoms are not 100% safe.. is that true?
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i asked this in Yahoo and people replied stating that condoms arent 100% safe
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hii guys, following my previous post,  The itching feel in my genital area almost reduced to 98% i can say. i stopped the tablets and cream 10 days ago. Because i applied the cream on the inner skin and notices that the inner skin was pealing off on the 3rd day. so i stopped.  Now It just itches once in a while. But yesterday when i pulled my foreskin i saw a lot of smelly cheese like substance. i dont know what that was. i washed it immediately but it keeps coming again. today i noticed some swollen pimple like red dots on ma arm. It is not itch or i dont feel any thing.
i am getting tested next week.

what could this be?

Is this HIV related or any other STD????
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Again the answer is NO! The reason why people say condoms are not 100% is because nothing but not having sex at all is. BUT they are more than 99% effective in protecting against pregnancy, HIV and other std's. If you keep looking for information on the internet, you are likely to get informaton from other misinformed people like yourself.

As for the peeling, it may be a fungal infection like yeast. See a doctor and let the std thing rest. Your symptoms are NOT std related.
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HEYY thanks man.
What could the cheesy discharge from ma inner skin of penis?
i have not experienced like that. and the small red lumps too.
these two thing are really making me terrified .
i still have those black spots on ma outer skin.
i am getting tested next week, so is a result after 35 days conclusive?
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THe cheesy discharge can be from the yeast infection or some other fungal infection, the bumps too.  Only thing you can do at this point is keep following up with your doctor.  But STD'S are out.
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thanks a lot friend.... god bless u.

i will be back after visiting the Doc
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it could also be schmegma which is very common with people who do have foreskin. This is nothing to worry about you just have to clean it.
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thanks a lot man.... i am just worried about HIV bcos its not curable..
i am really upset for the past 1 month bcos i have never done this before
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Do not start on the HIV thing again, please.  You used a condom which is 99% effective.  Ok?
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hi man results , i got my blood yesterday. It was negative after 35 days post exposure.
is that reliable? Should i get tested again?
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hi man, i got my blood results few days back. It was negative after 35 days post exposure.
is that reliable? Should i get tested again? And i still have itching but not very often
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Results for HIV? If so do not post here anymore...move over to the HIV community,
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I see some similar conditions, but without even having sex for 2 months.
Started with an itchy rash 5 days ago, then used some over the counter fungus cream
and cleaned with alcohol and Thimerosal Tincture, the red dots turned black and dry and still burn
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You need to start your own new question.
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thanks for the tip (new at this)

6 days ago, it started with an itchy rash, about a dozen red dots on the foreskin
used some over-the-counter fungus / rush cream
and cleaned with alcohol and Thimerosal Tincture,
after 3 days the red dots turned black and dry but still burn when touched

wonder if I could catch an infection from using a public restroom and
accidentally touched the toilet seat rim or by hand transfer (though nothing on fingers)
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At the top of the page is a green "post a question" button to start your own post.  Please also read the "Please read before posting" sticky at the top of the page.
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