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Itchy Urethra - now gone - still freaked out


After a much longer than normal sexual encounter (2-3 hours straight, compared to 20 min - 1 hour normally) which was almost completely protected but not 100%, I developed an itch in my urethra the next day. It was at the base of my penis behind my testicles, and seemed to travel somewhat to the tip. I drank water, cranberry, and gave it a couple days before I decided to go to the clinic. The itchy sensation is completely gone. I have however convinced myself that the tip of my penis is slightly burning/irritated. I'm not sure if there is pain when I pee, but if there is, it's not strong enough for me to definitely say it hurts when I pee (same with ejaculation.) I have not been able to find any discharge in my underwear or on my penis, so I do not think there is any discharge.

I've had friends tell me that rigorous long sex can cause the urethra to itch; especially since I was wearing a condom the entire time, and didn't shower before. They've also told me that the STD does not get better, it only gets worse once symptoms start generally. I still went to the clinic today, but it was packed, and since I'm not necessarily exhibiting "symptoms" I called it off. Any thoughts on this? Probably just freaking myself out? The last time I went to the clinic for bumps on my penis, it was flea bites, and I don't want to waste their time again...
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this was protected sex so the odds that this is std related  are low.

if you rubbed your arm for 2-3 hours straight it would get irritated too.   you gotta be kind to the lil guy!

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