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Itchy rash on gorin

About 7 months back I had protected sex with a csw
I have so many symtoms, swollen lymph nodes , and extreme fatigue .... Now I have a red white flaky skin on penis which is itchy and also white flaky itchy skin on my inner thigh and region btw the testicle and anus, also my meatus is swollen
Does this symtoms are of any std
Does people get std even after using condoms?
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No they don't. You don't know how your lymph works and shouldn't be poking and irritating it, then making up a diagnosis. See your doc instead for a diagnosis if you still feel there is something wrong, but even babies can get a rash.
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Do you think rash is related to incidence seven months ago
And do any std show symtoms now
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1) To my knowledge, there isnt any std that presents itself like that
2)I don't know how your rash looks like.
3) You are not trained to diagnose yourself.
4) My advice: get std test. Go see doctor
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