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Hello all,

I'm pulling out of my fear of having contracted HIV from my situation but I want to make sure I'm ok on the other STD front as well. In early November, I met a guy in the video booths of an adult bookstore. He had been masturbating himself and I had been masturbating myself. We masturbated each other for awhile then we rubbed our penises together for awhile. The heads did not touch. He also rubbed the tip of my penis with his hand. My fear is that he rubbed genital secretions into my urethra as I felt pre-ejaculatory excretions while I was masturbating him. I came but he did not. My other fear is if he had a wound on the hand he was rubbing the tip of my penis with. Could it be possible to have transferred an std that way through my urethra?

I am married and very sorry for what I did. This was the only time I have had this kind of contact since I was last tested negative for life insurance purposes. I do have issues with anxiety but I'm getting better with this. Just want to make sure I'm ok on all fronts. Lots of symptoms persist like achy legs, stomach gurgling, low testosterone (doctor diagnosed), eye floaters, and strangely I can see my veins through my skin over my body. I've purposely lost a lot of weight but now I've stopped trying to lose weight and am not gaining any weight now.  I did have the flu (or a bad sinus infection) 5 days after the incident with low grade fever, no nausea, no diarrhea. I know...just tell me I'm crazy. Thank you.
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Your crazy. Does that help?

So you had what we say is a no risk event and your guilt is causing anxiety which is causing fear and probably "symptoms" when you want them.
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Slightly. I know...I can't go on with the what-ifs but my mind still races with them. Even if this guy was purposefully trying to infect me (which I know is ridiculous to think but humor me) and rubbed the tip of my penis with a hand that had a bleeding wound, wouldn't the wound have to be like a missing finger, car accident kind of wound? Yes...I know I am crazy but it is amazing what the mind can do.
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I mean...it is ridiculous because he was probably just another married guy trying to get some relief too. Just checking...
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STD's are not passed into "wounds".
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So..if he had a bleeding wound and rubbed the head of my penis with that same hand and the wound came in contact with my urethra, I would be fine? Thanks for humoring me, Vance.
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