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Key characteristics primary HIV/Infection?

I gave oral sex to a man on Tuesday, got a sore throat on Thursday. Not the worst I ever had, and it's persisting now til a third day after it started. I have no symptoms of anything else - no fever, rash, diarrhea, and a nurse glanced in my mouth and said it seems I have some viral phrayngitis. I know this is a symptom of acute HIV infection, but there are a bunch of others and I am wondering what are the key symptoms and whether I should be very worried? I am already going to a GUM clinic on Monday, but I'm sure they will tell me they can't test me for anything because it's too soon and I'm really worried.
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HIV questions belong in the HIV prevention forum, but a quick answer to your question -

You wouldn't get symptoms of HIV nearly this fast, and oral sex is really low risk for HIV.

Any follow up questions need to be posted in the HIV forum.

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