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Lap Dance

Saturday night I was at a strip club and had a few lap dances. There was some deep kissing with tongue and saliva. Am I at any risk of getting any std? Also the dancer who was wearing a bikini bottom put her vagina on my face. There was no skin to skin contact. Just her bikini bottom touched my face and my mouth. I may have licked the bikini.
When is the best time to get tested for stds? How long do I wait to test so the results are accurate? Which are the best tests for this situation?
Thanks for your input.
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kissing is not a risk for std's.

her butt touching your face isn't a risk either.

there is no reason for any testing from this.

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thank you for the quick response.
to clarify her vagina area which was covered by underwear touched my face and lips and i may have licked the underwear with my tongue.
Is there any way something could have transferred through the underware?
About the kissing I read that you can catch viruses with the saliva.
I dont know where her mouth was before she was kissing me so I am scared.
I am scared from reading forums like with different answers on this topic.
If I do want to get tested just for peace of mind how long should i wait and which tests should I get?
Thank you in advance for your input.
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