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Lapdance, vaginal juice on lips - HIV/STD risk?

As requested by Vance2335, I am re-posting for STD specific advice....


I was in Las Vegas last week and went to two well known strip clubs. There, I bought a few lap dances. I visited the VIP rooms at both these clubs with three strippers. I did not indulge in anything apart from heavy petting and some nipple sucking. However, one stripper took me to the VIP room to give me a dance and she applied her vaginal juices on my lips with her finger. I did not suck on her finger but she only applied it on my outer lips. I had no cuts, bruises or open sores in any place on my face. Apart from this one incident, all the lap dances have only been regular  ones - no genital-genital or genital-hand contact. I stayed fully clothed and did not allow her hands or genitals to touch mine, nor did I touch hers.

Based on my incident, I have three questions for you.

Is this incident a cause for concern for either HIV or any STDs ?
How would you rate this incident  - risky or non-risky?
Is a HIV or STD test warranted in my case?

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No STD risk
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Thanks Vance!!
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