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Lips Sores

I need some help...at the beginning of summer 2009, I went to the beach with a female. During our 2 day trip, I performed oral sex on her....we also spent two full days swimming in the ocean and laying on the beach. I am somewhat light skinned and that was my first real sun exposure that year. At the end of the last day there, at the hotel, I looked in the mirror and my lower lip had about 7 (size of a pin head) red spots that were oozing puss. I initially thought it was herpes. During, the next few weeks, I applied Abreva and Herpecin on my lips but it didn't clear up.

I have never had any form of STD or lip problem prior to this occurrence. I went to the doctor and he thought it was herpes and put me on acyclovir.....that did nothing....I took another round of acyclovir and again nothing. I went back and saw a different doctor who wasn't sure if it was herpes or possible a cancer. I was referred to a dermatologist who did not think it was herpes but rather cheilitis as the spots were somewhat red.  She had me put massive amounts of petroleum jelly on the lips but this didn't clear it up. She then biopsied one of the spots to rule out HSV, Cancer. The results were solar keratosis. She had me do a 12 day treatment on my lower lip of efudex (a horrible experience). It didn't clear the spots up but they were less red....then I did another 12 day treatment of efudex and after this round, a spot on my left side of the lip was somewhat raised (like a pimple) and wouldn't go away so she froze that spot and I'm in healing now. The lip is very inflamed from the freezing and an injection to get rid of the scar tissue from the original biopsy spot. So the red spots are more visible right now and again "oozing" puss.

I've had three separate STD blood screens since the initial incident. All negative. The red spots were swabbed and negative. The female I was with test positive for High Risk HPV (we had oral sex). My dermatologist still believes these are sun damaged and not STD related as she said there is no proof of it.

I am going crazy because I can't get rid of these spots and they will ooze puss unless I constantly use petroleum jelly and I mean constantly. I took a ton of vitamins to boost my immune system as well. I live in the desert, so I know the dermatologist is familiar with sun problems. She believes it is a coincidence on the timing (of sex and beach trip) and doesn't believe it is STD related but had no problem sending me for another opinion.

Question: Could this be any type of HPV related symptoms? Any other advice? I've never had any dermatology problems....could HPV cause sores that quickly (within 24 hours) and would they just remain in this manner...unaffected by efudex and time?  

Any help would be great.

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I totally 2nd what your dermatologist told you. you have no reason at this point to doubt your diagnosis.

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