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Little white points on glans - feeling to need to pee after peeing.

Hi everyone, 8 days ago more or less I had relations with one woman. It was at a festival in her tend. WE wore condom, dont even undressed, a little pants down, and after 2 min more or less we stoped cause she was not feeling well, something was bothering her mind.

2 days later i started having the feeling of need to go peeing just after peeing. Then I would go to the toillette and stand there and wait, but nothing would come out. I also noticed that the glans was a little dry and I had this drwarf white pimples on the top of the glans near the hole. Of course I freaked out and thought it could be a std. I went to an bladder doctor and they told me that my bladder was ok with xray, also the kidneys looked good, no stones and my urine wouldnt show anything out of the normal. The doctor told me to wait and said that the feeling of the need to pee after pee was sign of an infection of the pipe from the bladder to the top of my penis. But as mentioend urine didnt showed anything at all so i should just drink a lot of water and wait.

the urge to pee after peeing has decreased and is very random. I have no pains at all and nor itching but the need to pee after peeing gave me the idea it may be an sti. When I looked better I found the white mini pimples and I dont know what to do. Even if the doctor said i shouldnt worrry about these I dont remember having these. these are not the known pearly penile papules.

I have photos but dont understand to upload the pic here. But i will do as soon as I get some answers about how to do it.
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Hi since you used a condom nothing could get on  your penis or inside your penis so what ever your experiencing is not related to the act.
what could it be then?
could be natural
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