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Lump in groin


I have developed a small lump in my left groin. There is only one lump and it has been here for about 3 weeks now. I went to the doctors when it first appeared. She asked if i had any pains when urinating or any vaginal discharge. I haven't. She said it was from injury, since i had a bruise on my shin, and would disappear in 2 weeks. 3 weeks later it is still here. It occasionally causes a dull ache in my thigh and down to the bottom of my leg.

I am so worried about this, but must admit i am too scared to be checked for STD in case something does come up.

Do you think this could have any relation to an STD, one small lump which is sometimes causing discomfort. No other typical symptoms like blisters or anything.

I have not had unprotected sex, i have had unproteted oral sex however, but never swallowed.

Please help!
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Is it under the skin?  If it is, its not an std.

It sounds like maybe you have a cyst or boil or something.  Since its not gone, you should follow up with your doctor.  Getting seen doesn't change the diagnosis, but does allow you to treat it.

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Yea it is under the skin, there are no lesions or anything, just irritating knowing it is there.

I will make a follow up appointment with my doctor then! Thanks for putting my mind at rest!

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