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Lump under the skin above penis in pubic area for past 10 days. Is this Syphilis

Hello. I'm quite concerned I may have gotten an STD (Syphilis). I'm a 35 year old hetero male. I had unprotected sex about three months ago. About 10 days ago. i felt a hard lump under the skin in my pubic area above my penis. It felt a little bigger than pea sized and has since gone down to about pea sized. It is painless but it felt swollen at the beginning. I've also been sick the past few days and my cold is finally going away. I've been watching out for the lump to surface and to turn into a lesion or chancre but it hasn't and so far is only very faintly reddened above the lump/bump.

I would love to get any possible feedback on what this could be. I looked at pictures of boils, lymph node swelling, sebaceous cysts and none of it fits the picture I see. Thank you for any insights as i'm quite scared and don't have access to a doctor for another week.

Of note: four years ago, in a different state, I did get Syphilis from a previous girlfriend who cheated on me and got it treated within the first week of the chancre surfacing on my penis
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Hi under the skin lumps are not a symptom of any std
The lump seems to be surfacing but it hasn't as yet. Does Syphilis chancres/lesions begin this way?
and do you know what else it could be?
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No syphilis is an open sore and yours sounds like a cyst
thanks, Dave. appreciate it. oddly, above the lump is a small dry circular and slightly reddish. wondering if this is the syphilis sore forming.
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