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Male UTI or something else?

Im 24 years old. I was in a relationship with a girl for 4-5 months from may 2012 till september. we had unprotected sex and she was on the pill. She told me she had been tested prior to us doing anything and that she was clean. Around the fourth month She said she tested positive for HPV via pap smear. She said her doctor said it shouldnt affect me and there is only a small risk of cancer. So im assuming the its the type that doesnt cause warts. Well about 6 weeks after we broke i experienced a burning sensation in my penis when i urinated and after. It also felt like i had to urinate often. That was my only symptom. I went to the doctor (hospital because i dont have money) and he didnt give me a physical exam but gave me antibiotics and sent me home.

A week or two after i finish the antibiotics my symptoms disappeared and were gone for 3 weeks or so. Then it came back and has been bothering for the past two weeks. My only symptoms is the burning sensation in my penis before,during, and after urination. Its almost like a pinching feeling inside the tip. I also have an urge to urinate especially at night. I have to go to the bathroom many times but not much comes out. Those are my only symptoms. The doctor last time thought it was a bacterial std and gave me antibiotics. From what people have told me it sounds like a UTI. Is that possible for a male and if so should i go back to a doctor and ask for another antibiotic? I have no insurance or money so i have to go to the hospital again.
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You need to be tested or else your just throwing medicine at an unknown issue. UTI is uncommon in men your age.
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you posted about this previously and received an answer.   at this point you need to be following up regularly on your symptoms. do not accept no testing and just throwing antibiotics at it to try to make it better. you need to know what is going on so you can properly treat it.

make sure that they also manually examine your prostate too when you are seen.

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Excuse you Grace i haven't gotten an answer as these are new symptoms. Stop posting a reply if you are just gonna criticize me. I am trying to get help and its tough with no insurance or money.
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it's the same encounter and is indeed related. we are limited in how we can help you and we never replace proper medical follow up. at this point you need proper exam and testing done - both things we can't do here.

have you contacted your local health department to know your local low cost/no cost options for follow up?
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ok my question is does this sound like Genital Herpes at all. I have no lesions as far as i can tell.
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