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Male Yeast Infection or Herpes???

I received oral sex from a woman I met at a club and evidently she made a small cut in my penis.  Week and a half to 2 weeks later a red spot arrived where the cut occurred.  This then seemed to evolve into what looks like Herpes but also male Yeast Infection.  The symptoms were itchiness and irritation on my penis.     My muscles seemed sore and almost like they had been pulled in many place in my body.  My doctor was unable to tell me what it was and didn't do any other tests other than HIV.  He told me to put some Neosporin on it and that only made it worse.  The only thing that gave me any relief was Lamasil.  He also didn't do any other STD tests which I asked him to do.  So, it healed and then went away for 2 more weeks.  Then small reddish dots appeared and a full fledged small red soar appeared (just like a canker sore or zit).  It looks (based on internet pictures) Herpes, Yeast Infection or Syphilis.  I have not had any discharge or symptoms other than the itching/burning and muscle aches.  In this second "episode" I am much more achy and the infection does seem to be going down but its still annoying and stingy.  Now my doctor put me on Fluconazole and it seems to be making me much more achy (this is the first day on it).  

  So I tracked down this woman and she says she has NO STD's but I don't trust she is telling me the truth.  I am planning on switching doctors as he it seems doesn't listen to me and doesn't follow through.  Additionally I am going to go get other full tests for all STD's for my own piece of mind.  Ugh!  Seems like many people in here have much better doctors than I do and they actually get proactive treatment.  =(

Any one have any other ideas on what this might be?

Thanks so much in advance for any help you can provide.  
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Forgot to add that I did have itchiness around the eyes and legs during some of this as well but the overriding thing was the stinging/burning at the point of the sore and urethra.  
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This could be many things - including herpes or a bacterial/fungal infection.  If you've never had a herpes blood test before - get one now so you have a baseline to compare future tests too since it seems like it's too late to get an accurate lesion culture. Then repeat it in 3 months. should you get a return of symptoms before then - get them cultured for herpes and typed. Insist they type it since it very well might be hsv1 genitally since you received oral sex. Have you ever had a herpes blood test before? Can you recall ever having cold sores before?

A visual exam by a medical practioner is pretty useful.  If he didn't think it looked like herpes - it very well might not have been.  Yeast is also very commonly transmitted from the mouth to the genitals in both males and females thru oral sex.

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Hello Grace,

Thank for taking the time to help me out.   I did get the test and am awaiting the results.  To answer your question, I have not ever had a cold sore before.  Hopefully I will know in the next few days and can get a course of treatment - whatever that might be.

  Grace, I have learned a hard lesson to be safe always.  Never again will I do anything even mildly risky.  I wish growing up I had real sex ed so I knew this stuff.  

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Hello Grace,

  Turns out I am negative for HSV I & II so that is not the problem.  Finishing up my prescription of fluconazole and feeling better & it seems to be clearing up minus some reddish remainder.  I am going in again to see if he can check it out to be sure.  

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