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Manage sex life with partner with syphilis

I have a partner diagnosed with syphilis, titer 1:4 April 2016 (injected once and doxyciycline 20 day, twice a day) .
I (bottoming)  had sex with him without protection (anal, oral, msm) several times since Oct 2015, earlier at March 2016 I had tes HIV -, Syphilis -.

We continue practising sex (safer sex) using condom (anal), unprotected oral. I got my test July 2016,HIV & Syphilis negative. He had test August 2016, still the same Hiv negative and syphilis positive, but higher titer 1:8. He now is getting medication an injection and was asked to come back 3 month later.

1. How is my risk as a partner?
2. What should I do? Stop having sex with him?
3. I don't see any chancre/sore but might be I am wrong.  
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Hi, when a person test positive for syphilis they need a second test to confirm and a .1.4 is very low so there a chance they did not have syphilis in the first place. Your questions are valid but the approach to syphilis is not. He needs a second confirmation test.
Stop having sex until a diffinate confirmation is done.
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His test result
Initial test rpr 1:4,Tpha positive  (April 2016)
Another test rpr 1:8 Tpha positive (August 2016)

March 2016,negative hiv and syphilis
July 2016,negative hiv and syphilis

My concerns is whether I should get tested again because of his increasing titer from 1:4 to 1:8?

Thank you
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I dont see why you need testing again. your negative and if you have not had any skin contact with him since then, your still negative.
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I did have sex with him several days before his last test, protected anal, and unprotected oral, I don't see sore or anything.

Finger crossed, He might be in late syphilis so it's not contagious.

Can hickey pass stds? syphilis
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