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Massage Parlor - HIV/ STD Scare. Please Advise!

Hi, I recently made the foolish decision to go to an asian massage parlor.  When I got in the room, I stripped, laid down and received a full body massage. I was lacing face down but at some point, I  pre-ejaculated slightly on the thin sheets I was laying face down. Hypothetically speaking, if my genitals made contact with a dirty/contaminated towel underneath the thin sheet, or a dirty thin sheet itself, would i be exposed to any risk?

At the end of the massage, she took her bra off, got on top of the table and me and started giving me a hand job. a couple minutes later, she laid down, had me get on top of her and I proceeded to titty **** her without a condom. I wanted to know if had any STD/HIV risks during these encounters. At no point, did we engage in anal, vaginal, or oral sex. I do not know if it matters but I am also uncircumcised.

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I forgot to write this at the end but do you feel I need to be tested for anything?
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You had no STD risk.
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