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Massage Parlor Nightmare

Good afternoon,

I am having a really bad week. On Tuesday Nov. 25, 2013 I went to a massage place to get a massage to see if my stress levels could be reduced. I stepped into the room and took off my clothing. I laid down on the towel that was there facedown for about a minute or two but I was uncomfortable being naked with my penis exposed to the towel (i am not circumcised) so I decided to ask the masseuse if I could put my underwear back on. She went ahead and allowed me to put my underwear back on, she stepped out of the room and I received the massage on my back with my underwear back on. She gave me a massage front and back all over my body but never touched my penis. The massage was a bit hard not as sensual so I then realized it may not have been a legit place to have a massage at but Ive never had a massage before. I did pay $50 for it but nothing about sex was discussed or a happy ending of any sort.

She then went on to ask me if I wanted a shower on the shower bed nextdoor to clean some of the oil that she used during the massage. I said yes. She told me that I would have to take off my underwear and I was a bit uneasy about it. I decided to go ahead and take off my underwear to take off the smell of the oil that I used. she asked me to lay on the bed and I asked is it clean and she said that its cleaned (but that is the issue I am going off what she is telling me and I have no idea if it is actually clean or she was just telling me that because i complained. I decided to lay on the shower table face down with my penis exposed to the table (again I am not circumcised) and then she went ahead and asked me to turn around and she covered by genital area with a towel as she cleaned my legs and chest with soap not knowing what soap she was using but she was using warm to hot water to rinse me. I then sat up on the end of the table and she continued to rinse me with my penis section still covered by the towel. I then finished and she said that was it. I went back to the room where I got my massage at and changed clothes. I tipped her $5 dollars because she asked me for a tip. I felt obligated to tip since she asked.

A couple of days later I felt discomfort in my genital area and my tip of penis when urinating. At times the slightly burning sensation does go away but sometimes i do experience it.

My questions and concerns are this since I am uneducated or knowledgeable on the matter

Could I have contracted any type of STD whether it be herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, anything? Again I am not circumcised so I am not sure if this helps or does not help my case.

How bad in hygiene is this experience. I doubt ill be going back especially since she asked me to take off my underwear when on the shower bed.

I have a wife and I do not want her to contract any type of illness or disease because I decided to have a massage. And her hands never touched my penis but my butt and my penis were exposed to the towel which i am hoping and assuming was clean and my butt and penis were also exposed to the shower bed which she claimed was clean.

If you could help me clarify some of these questions and help me understand why I may be experiencing some of these symptoms. Thank you. I greatly appreciate it. I am concerned that I should go see an MD for testing. I can't stop thinking about this.
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STD's have that name for a reason...takes sex. You had no risk.
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You think there is a risk of any other type of infection from the events that were described. Maybe non STD related. Just hoping that the table was clean and did not have anything on it that could give me some disease.
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This is a STD forum, I can only comment on STD's.
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I recently had a massage with the happy ending.  A few days later I got what felt like a pimple forming at the corner of my mouth.  I have never had herpes and was tested for stds when I started my last relationship about 4 years ago.  I am not sure what it looks like but from some of the pictures I have seen on the internet I have become concerned that I may have caught something.  When the pimple or what ever it was started I squeezed it pretty hard and did get some ***** stuff and a little blood out of it..  Now my lip is splitting at the corner and is sore.  Could this possible be herpes from laying on the table face down if someone before me had herpes and the cloth was not changed?
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