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Massage Parlor Oral Sex

Hello. I’m new here and desperately would like some help. 48 hours ago I went to a seedy asian massage parlor. The woman offered oral sex and I accepted. She used saran wrap but licked my testicles, nipples and possibly my ground without saran wrap. Then she gave me oral sex using the plastic wrap, but I am not convinced it was 100% effective as it seemed she had some semen in her mouth after, which she removed with a tissue. I shave my pubic area, everything and there were a couple nicks in the shower about an hour-hour and a half prior that which sealed and did not reopen or bleed but may have gotten her saliva on those areas. I am panicking. I went to the doctor 24 hours later and they took blood and urine for tests but I am under the impression it isn’t even really effective that early. I have not experienced any symptoms except an occasional tingling in the tip of my penis, which could be me just being hyper aware of it. I am in a relationship of 15 years and don’t know what to do. I’m panicking. I hate having this secret. Do not want to put my wife in danger and am terrified she would leave me if she knew. I regret this deeply but am more concerned with health risks at the moment. Any advice is deeply appreciated.
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Hi from what you describe you had zero risk to contract any std. saliva would not pass any std and in retrospect it contains digestive enzimes that kill germs.
Really? But then how would oral sex ever transmit std’s in other cases if that was true?
herpes from the lips with no protection or gonoreha with no protection and the wrap she used should be ok.
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Just looking for any other opinions out there. Thanks guys.
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The reason you have no risk is because there is a plastic that is protecting you
As I mentioned, it seemed like she had some semen in her mouth afterward, which she removed with a tissue. Not a ton. I assume that’s what it was. But it concerns me that the plastic wrap broke.
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STDs tend to live in the back of the throat because as mentioned saliva does a good job. The wrap while not as good as a condom at least provided you with some protection. I doubt you had a high enough std risk to be concerned
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