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May I still have gonorrhea or chlamydia?

Dear Sirs

I am a married man who has been 10 years together with my wife and never did anything out of my marriage. Since some months ago a just separated workmate is trying to have something with me, I always refused.
41 days ago in a party we all drank too much and for some seconds she did unprotected oral sex to me. Because of the alcohol I had no complete erection. I did oral sex to her for some seconds too.
At that moment I had a reaction in my mind "what am I doing?" and stop the situation.
Something that surprised me was that she wanted to continue having vaginal sex even we didn't have any condom. Of course we did not.
I decided to go to the doctor after 38 days, a doctor whose language I can speak but not perfectly.
I had no symptoms of gonorrhea, chlamydia or anything else in this time, at least if I had I don't remember.
He explored my penis, testicles, pressed gangles and found nothing strange.
The doctor told me the risk was very low, anyway if I had concerns, I could be tested for HIV and syphilis. Both tests have been negative.
Yesterday when I got the results I asked him why I was not tested for gonorrhea or chlamydia. He answered if that is my wish, can do it, but since no symptoms appeared in 40 days there was no need. Anyway when we explained me what a swab in the urethra was I wanted to jump through the window...
I ask him if I could take the medecine for gonorrhea and chlamydia even the possibilities of having it are so low. He was surprised but finally accepted. I have Azithromycin and Cefuroxime Axetil but I haven't taken it yet.
If I were a single man, I would not be so worried, but I am concerned if my wife some day is tested for STD and find something...then I should have to explain that uncomfortable episode.
After I read about the side effects of these medecines, I have doubts.
I am considering not to take them, and let the doubt punish me during a long time...I work with a lot of female coworkers and this fear will prevent me to do anything like that again.
Or... take the medecine, in that case some side effect may appear, need to go to the doctor, and I will have to explain my wife why I was taking that medecine in secret...

Any advice?
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The chances of you having chlamydia from unprotected oral sex are almost zero as it doesn’t tend to infect that way. The chances of you having Gono from this exposure and not having any symptoms such as a drip or frequency to urine are also very low. Id suggest that you don’t do anything with no symptoms
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Thanks for the quick response.
In case I had transmited something to my wife and we both have no symptoms, the disease will in some weeks or months dissapear by its own?
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"I am considering not to take them, and let the doubt punish me during a long time." - Respectfully, this is a bad idea.

"In case I had transmited something to my wife and we both have no symptoms, the disease will in some weeks or months dissapear by its own?" This is also a bad idea.

On the off chance that you do have gonorrhea, it may disappear on it's own, but it may not, especially in women, and especially when you and your wife are just continually reinfecting each other.

I really think you should just test, if only for your peace of mind. When you are negative, which I strongly suspect you will be, you can start to move on from this and forgive yourself.

Punishing yourself for a long time for this? That serves no good. It will affect you, and will affect your marriage. Instead, take steps to ensure you won't drink too much, and if drinking too much is a pattern for you, address that. Take steps to ensure that you won't do this again. Address whatever made you vulnerable to this. That's far better than punishing yourself for a long time, and in turn, punishing your wife with a husband you is bothered by something he won't share. (I say all of this with compassion, and no judgement or criticism.)
Thanks for your explanation. I am not a usual drinker so the fact that I drank too much only add to the feeling of guilt.
About getting tested, only the idea of the swab in my urethra makes me feel dizzy and almost pass out. If I am there doing that, I don't know what my reaction may be.
Is there another way to test?
Oh you can pee in a cup for a gonorrhea test. Most places don't do the swab test any longer, unless there is a specific need for it.

They will likely run a chlamydia test at the same time. That's okay. You weren't at risk for chlamydia, but those tests are often run together.

Even if they did a swab test, it's over in a few seconds. Call first and find out what test they do - I think most clinics, etc., do urine tests now, but call to make sure.
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