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Mild to Moderate Burning sensation - tip of penis

Hi - new to the Forum here.  I have been consumed with this recent sensation that has involved my penis over the past 12 days. I have been in a monogamous relationship for the past 10 years.  However, I had about a 5 min session of receiving oral sex from a friend about 2-3 days prior to the discomfort setting in. However, a week prior to the oral sex, we were together and there was unprotected penetration for about 30 seconds before I stopped due to lack of condom.  About 3 days after the Oral Sex,  I felt this odd tingling and burning sensation at, and around the end of my penis that seems to stem from the urethra.  Its a pretty constant ebbing and flowing sensation that sort of makes me want to urinate - but not forcefully.  Initially I thought this may be some form of infection and by precaution, took a 5 day course of Ofolaxcin Antiobotics that did nothing to reduce the burning/tingling...sometimes painful sensation.  Constant self-examination and monitoring reveals no additional bumbs, lesions, scabs or other traditional herpes symptoms.  However, having myself convinced that it is herpes, I took a 1500mg daily dose of Valtrex (x3 500mg a day) over the past 7 days that hasn't reduced the symptoms.  It has been 11 days since the initial sensation and there have been no signs of swelling, discharge, or other external abnormalities - other than an irritating and constant -  mild to moderate burn in the tip 1/3 of the penis that seems to be in the urethra.  Pain seems to be less in the AM and growing till it hits it's mild/moderate level.  Urinating doesn't seem to increase the burn, but ejaculating does seem to have lingering effects for a few hours.  What could this be?  Is this possible to be herpes with the urethra burn and not other symptoms?  This is very disconcerting.  I'm in a somewhat remote area where quality doctors are not that available.

So in summary -
1) Brief 30 sec unprotected Sex - week later received unprotected oral sex.  3 days later....
2) Burning tingling sensation that has lasted 11+days
3) took Oflaxcin to rule out infections.
4) took Valtrex to mitigate against intial herpes break out (no lesions, ulcers, blisters showing)
5) Burning urethra sensation continues without impact.  Less in the AM and intensifying to a standard point.
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Although your exposure was brief , it's still unprotected sex usually low risk for that duration ... Anytime you have a burning sensation for that period of time it's probably best to get it checked out .
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