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Mind over Matter

Ok.  So I know there have probably been many discussions about this topic of the mind and STDs.  I seem to go through a cycle of battling my mind and sexual desires.

I had a girlfriend awhile back that had HSV-2 and we dated for 2 years.  I was tested yearly and we always had protected sex, but I was overly worried after I was intimate with her.  I would check for signs and every little thing would be blown out of proportion. Sometimes I would suffer stomach aches simply from the post-intimacy fears.  Now that I am not with this woman, the problem hasn't changed.  

A couple of days ago I had an intimate encounter with a woman whom I know somewhat well.  And the cycle continues.  I get nervous and worried about the possibility of what happened.  I tend to over analyze whether the condom covered all the needed areas, or whether recent cuts on the inside of lips from dental work made me more susceptible to contracting STDs.  It's only been a few days, but this ways heavy on my mind.  I seem to have trouble freeing myself from it.  I wish I could turn off my mind now from thinking about the aftermath!  

As of yet, I haven't experienced any symptoms of an STD, but the anxiety is strong.  I tell myself that its unlikely I caught something, but deep down in my stomach the anxiety still exists.  I know I can't stop the normal sexual desires, but how can I stop the mental problems in the aftermath?  I do not want to beat myself up every time I enjoy a sexual encounter.  And the post-intimacy anxiety is really strong.

Is there something I can do to ease my mind after such encounters?  Somebody to see about this anxiety?

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Therapist is going to be the best person to talk with to help you with anxiety. You can start by posting in the anxiety forum on this website.
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You need to talk to someone about this.  IT's not an STD issue.  Also, maybe you should abstain from sex till married if you're so worried.  
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