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Molluscum Contagiosum help please

Hi, I've recently been diagnosed with Molluscum Contagiosum and was simply wondering about the treatment of it.  When I was diagnosed I had one wart on my penis that the doctor gave a shot of liquid nitrogen.  The wart has not fallen off and it has been a week now.  Im just wondering if anybody has treated this condition successfully whether with medications that fight off warts, or with another treatment such as repeated use of liquid nitrogen.  Any help would be really great.  
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I haven't been treated for Molluscum Contagiosum, but I know another treatment option is using Aldara.  You might want to talk to your doctor about that if the freezing is not working.

I think a week might be still on the short side to see if it works though.
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Can you please tell me more about the kind of treatment(s) for this problem?
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First, molluscum isn't the same as warts.  They are two seperate viruses.

What exactly did you want to know about the treatments?

The liquid nitrogen will freeze the spots off, and aldara is a cream that you put right on the spot, and you should be careful to not get it on healthy skin.

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I'm pretty sure I have molluscum...after reading a million different posts and treatment ideas the thing that has best worked for me is removing the whole leasion (including the core) with tweezers and covering the area in astringent (sysilic acid) I removed all the visible ones about two weeks ago and use alcohol twice to three times a day on the healing area and seem to be getting great results...no new ones have appeared and the old ones have crusted and flaked away. I have been living with this for two yrs and am finally finding relief!!
hope this helps good luck:)
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Aldara is a WASTE of money! My pediatrician said the literature revealed that it is about a 50% cure rate. It cost about $400 outright. Our insurance charged us $141. My older son contracted it. It passed to me. Now my toddler has a bad case of it, over 50 moluscum. The q-tip made it spread.
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