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Molluscum Nightmare

I was dignosed with molloscum contagiosum 3 years ago, the outbreaks happen often, but they have lessened in intensity from the beggining (although they have been pretty steady for about the last year). Generally, I notice a muskish type smell and itch a little before and during an outbreak, but lately I've been getting the itch and the smell, but no outbreak. I've looked around the internet on this alot and have never heard of anyone talking about molluscum having a smell, so I'm confused. I've been checking myself very dilligently lately, and with the hot weather I've developed some type of rash on my inner thighs, could this be the source of the smell? Also, I've refrained from having sex since I got the molluscum, I've been dating someone casually lately, and I'm worried that I might give molluscum to her, can I spread this with when there are no bumps present, or if I have the itchy "pre outbreak feeling"? Finally, what can I do to rid myself of molluscum, I'm so tired of hearing that "it's no big deal and will go away", are there any pills or anything that will supress this thing?
Thanks for your help and sorry to ask so many questions.
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Mollosucm is definitely not going to create a smell.  That would be more like a fungal or perhaps bacterial infection.  Are you positive what you are experiencing is molluscum and not folliculitis, jock itch, etc?  Was your diagnosis from a doctor?

As for ridding yourself of molluscum (if that is what you have), the treatments are similar to HPV.  They can be cauterized, frozen off, or a chemical such as retin-a or aldara can be used.  The can also be lanced but this is a bit less common.  If I were you, I'd see a dermatologist, confirm the diagnosis, and obtain a prescription at that time.

And as for the no big deal thing, I understand mentally it's probably tough, but at the same time, it's a harmless disease so try to remain calm about it.  But I can understand your frustration, being brushed off by doctors can be very frustrating.
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Thanks for the reply, I saw a photo of folliculitis, and it looks pretty much identical to what I have. I got my diagnosis from a doctor from planned parenthood, I'm hoping they were wrong. You know, before this all started, I was with this girl for a few months, one time after we had sex the area just below my stomach became very red and irritable, the next day she freaked out and told me that she had these bumps on her, but the doctor told her they were just razor bumps. (I think she knew she had something and didn't tell me) Two weeks later I started getting all these bumps, so my question is if folliculitis is contagious and if it's completely curable (if this is what it is I've had it for 3 years).
Thank you again for your reply,
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I'd definitely pursue this further. Even left untreated , unless you just have incredibly bad luck, molluscum goes away on its own.  It's been going on for 3 years now so why not get a dermatology consult and find out for once and for all what is going on and get rid of it?

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