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Molluscum? STD? HELP!

I'm a sexually inactive 18 year old that has found a "bump" on the outside of my vagina. The bump is about the size of my fingertip and it isn't painful or inflamed (except when it is aggravated). This isn't the first bump I have found, but the others went away after a few weeks. The current bump was accidentally "popped' and a waxy type substance came out followed by a little clear fluid. I have been researching like crazy and have only been able to compare what I have to either Molluscum Contagiosum or Syphilis. I've been trying to get an appointment with my doctor to see what it is, but no openings have been availiable yet. I really am scared and am not sure what to keep doing! Please anybody, some advise would be fantastic at this point!!!!
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Sexually inactive = no STD.  Stop worrying.
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