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Molluscum Scabbing???

So I got diagnosed with molluscum a few months ago and have had some frozen off but I think a few keep coming back. My question is...do molluscum have different stages to them? I've been freaking out this whole time thinking I might have herpes too because I've had a few bumps that hung out for a few weeks and then became kind of pus-like (almost like a zit), and then scabbed over before going away. Can molluscum do this without treatment??

These bumps started off looking alot like my other molluscum that were frozen but then they kind of changed after a few weeks. From my knowledge herpes bumps wouldn't just hang out for a few weeks and THEN scab over...but the way they've been scabbing over still has me worried. What are your thoughts?
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Yes, it can scab. There are stages to MC. The third stage is when they burst and form into sores.



Herpes doesn't look anything like MC. What you're describing sounds a lot like MC, so I wouldn't worry this is herpes.
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