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Molluscum contagiosum in females

Okay, so.  Basically, I have researched molluscum contagiosum in depth, but I haven't found very much information on females.  I know that they are less likely to get it then males.  But the point is...my boyfriend has had it for about two months, and we decided to go to the local STD clinic to get tested for everything under the sun, and they confirmed my suspicions that he had molluscum on his penis and abdomen.  When they gave me a pap smear and they said everything looked normal.  (could be due to the incubation period...not sure though).  Before I had looked into it, we had had sex several times.  So, I could now get infected or may already be.  But he is going in Wednesday to get his lesions removed by freezing.  My fear is that after his has cleared up, he will get it again (which i've found it can often re-appear but less severe in about 6 months anyway) if I have it, and I don't know.  

So, I guess my questions are:
-Can a woman get molluscum contagiosum actually inside the vagina?  (I think it's just skin to skin contact, but i'm still not sure about this, because how can it spread to the male partner if you don't have any lesions and you can't get them inside the vagina?)
-Also, since I have no lesions yet, and we've only been abstaining from sex for like a week and a half, but have been having sex over the course of his infection, what steps would you recommend taking?
-Is there any sort of anti-biotic or medicine that could prevent molluscum at the early incubation period?  I was just on an anti-biotic for my wisdom teeth for like a week, and it gave me a yeast infection.  So, that sucked.  But perhaps it's been helping.
-Is there any possibility that I won't even get it?  Can you be immune?
-What would you recommend doing?  Is there anyway to speed up the process?  I know we'll probably have to abstain for a long time, but that can really ruin a love life...ya know?
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One note, MC will never effect your pap smear.  So while it's good to get a pap smear anyway, you don't have to worry about an irregular result there.

1) I've never heard of that before, so honestly I don't know.  I'd think not but I would not make a definite statement either way.

2) I'd just wait until his treatment was over.  Since molluscum is such a non serious infection I wouldn't do much else

3) No.  Molluscum is a virus, not bacteria, and antibiotics would do nothing.

4) You can't be immune, but you might not get it.  Unlike HPV, you can be reinfected with the same strain.

5) Your bf is already speeding up the process with freezing.  That's about the fastest treatment method, though you could use Aldara or Retin-A as well.  If it were me, I'd probably just keep it to some mutual masturbation until it cleared up.
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