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Molluscum relapse

Hi Doctor,

I was diagnosed with molluscum approximately 8 months ago, confined to my genital region.  I was treated by a dermatologist who removed the lesions and prescribed aldara.  By around 5 months ago I was symptom free.  Recently I seem to have had a relapse only now the lesions cover a much larger percentage of my body. (Perhaps coincidentally, the relapse seemed to have started the exact same time I had a particularly nasty bout of food poisoning, could these be related?)  

Is it normal for molluscum to reoccur after such a long period of being asymptomatic and can I expect this pattern to repeat?  Is it possible this is really something else?  Also, am I contagious during these long periods when I have no symptoms?

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It could be something else, but your doctor would be better able to tell you that since he can examine you.

Since the virus can be in your body for awhile, it wouldn't be shocking if you had a relapse, but since you were just so sick, I'd check with your doctor to make sure its not something else.

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