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I've been with Molluscum in the groin and thighs area since the beginning of the year. First I had a couple of bumps which were diagnosed as pimples and then a few weeks later more bumps came up and again I was misdiagnosed, this time for folliculitis. I was given an antibiotic and when it didn't help I was diagnosed for Molluscum which was about a month ago. By that time I had already around 15 bumps. The doc froze them and after that we found 3 or 4 new ones and this time used a curette to remove them. I’m very worried about this and I’ve been seeing a couple of dermatologist as some spots were popping up and my regular dermatologist is usually available not more then once a week. I’ve got a bit of a different opinion from both of them which is confusing. My regular dermatologist told me I should come once in a couple of weeks for a checkup and that IF we get all the spots the infection will be gone, but he never said that the infection is self resolving and will eventually sooner or later be gone (which is what I’ve been reading in most places about MC, I’ve never seen any place that mentions this is a lifetime condition). The other dermatologist told me I should come right away if I see any bump popping up (even if it’s a few times a week). He said this way we can get rid of this problem faster and more efficient and that this problem is defiantly not a lifetime issue. It is difficult for me to go to the doctor very often as I’m working, and travel very often. Also the difference of opinion is very confusing and worrying. I don’t mind facing a problem for as long as it takes, but I do want to know if there are no cases of people that carried this virus for life and I defiantly don’t want to put other people at risk. Do all people eventually get rid of MC? And is it really necessary to visit the doctor very often with every little bump that pops up or once in a week or a couple of weeks is fine?
Would much appreciate any help and info…

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yes you will eventually clear this on your own though it isn't usually within a few weeks :(

since you travel a lot, why not ask for a cream to apply to help your body fight off the virus?  Aldara isn't cheap but it is helpful for many people.

no reason to run in as soon as you notice new lesions either. it's fine to wait a week or more to deal with them.  some providers will even show you how to properly pop them on your own at home too.  

best of luck!

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Hi Grace,
Thanks a lot for your advise and info.
Sometimes this issue can be a bit
demoralizing.I feel comfortable with the
removing bumps kind of treatment( freezing
or scraping), so if i can do it once a week or
2-3 times a month it's still good by me. I'll ask
the doctor regarding the cream anyway and if he
can show me how to pop them properly. If it
sounds complected or risky to do on your own,
then I'll drop by the doctor for check ups and to
remove bumps at his office in case they show up.  

Best regards,

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