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I agree. I have the same problem in knowing how to rid myself of the small legions. Maybe time is the only cure but I have been having problems finding a head on the small legions which seem to ploferate. I wish that there was a way of really getting rid of thiese things but sadly i don't think there is a fix apart from preventing further infection and waiting it out...howvere long that takes.

My Dr seemed to give the diagnosis of molluscum after looking at them and discounting everything else. There was no lab testing involved so now I am wondering if it is molluscum at all...but this might be a bit paranoid (I wonder if that is a symptom?)

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Paranoia is not a symptom of molluscum.

Your doc can freeze them off, or you can use aldara at home to get rid of them.

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My daughter had it. We used some silver based homeopathic product. I think it was called silver cure, or silver remedy. We got a whole pack off stuff - shampoo, soap, creams. It seemed insane to have that much stuff, but when it cleared it up after 2 months I was ecstatic (she had it for about a year)

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