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Mouth STD?

I have had a lip piercing for about 4 years. It got infected about a week and a half ago. I have been taking care of it when all of a sudden I went to the emergency room last night with a fever of 102.5 I was shaking so badly that they couldnt even get my blood pressure to work...

They took me to a room, gave me IV fluids, and morephine to calm me.

I now have more white, what looks to be like water blisters, coming up on my lips and they are spreading. but they are mostly on my bottom lip. Then my gums started to swell and the left side of my tongue is slightly swollen and very sore.

I also have a sore throat and bad headaches. The doctors didnt find anything but im on antibiotics and Vicodin.

What is going on?

I am sexually active. My boyfriend has a fever blister. could i have gotten this from him? he just had the blister though. none of this mouth swelling
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Fever blisters or cold sores are caused by the herpes virus. Over half the US population has the virus. But I'm a little confused about what you describe as "water blisters" on your lips. Are they blisters or are they small white bumps? If they are white bumps that do not pop they could be Fordyce glands which are considered to be benign and not associated with any virus. Did you have a culture swab or blood test to confirm that you don't have herpes?

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I agree - this could be a primary herpes infection, but only a doctor can tell you that.  If you didn't get anything cultured, go get that done today with a type specific herpes culture.  Also ask them to do a wound culture and if bacteria is found, to do a sensitivity test to see what antibiotic will cure it.

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