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Mouth problem, could it be STD.

So there appears to be something stuck on my left tonsil, ppl say that it's a tonsil stone because mouth breath smell really bad.. But my back Taste buds seems large, I
Never how large they can be. For me the most part I have posted stuff about HIV and herprs, becasue I fear that my
Body is going through the process of it.  Are these sign that i was infected. Now let me add that I used protection. I know u can get herpes.
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odds are this isn't std related. see your provider for a proper exam and testing.

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I know theirs a rule Grace, but am sorry, my body is going through so much, and my doctor probably think am crazy.. I've atleast 8 times withing Nov-Jan.. Like i have said, I use protection just once without oral.. People on hear think am crazy, but they'll be crazy to if your body was doing things right after sex. So this doesn't make you question if I could be infected with something..
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really nothing else we can help you with. be seen by an ENT specialist for your symptoms.
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