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My girlfriend is refusing to test

Hey every one..Sorry to bother you again....One more doubt..

March 11th I got measels, I was admitted in the hospital, I didn't do any sex or matained any girlfriend in the past 2 yrs. or I had any unprotected sex with my ex girlfriend before 2 yrs....

I did a HIv test and it was negative in that period

After I got discharged from the hospital, Immidiately I started working hard, coz i have join office and it was out door work and I use to have un hygenic non veg food.

April 4th I got heavy fever - doctor said it's food infection
April 15th - Again i got fever.....because of eating outside food and not taking rest
April  25 - I got some rashes - Doctor said it's because of Medicne

Here comes a problem

In the past one month - I met a office coligue and we became good friends and we started liking each other

May 12th - we were on bed, I used condom but later in the night she sucked my penis


May 18th - I got High fever beacuse I had Ice cream after in the hot summer travel - Doc said no problem

May 25th - I had chicken again from outside but after having that i got stomach pain and got High fever

Then I didn't get any fever -

June 14th - We were again on bed and she was having periods so i didn't un zip her pants ( She had pad inside and and she was on her Jeans). And I was naked... we were just kissing each other and she sat on penis and started rubbing me. I ejaculated on her pants right in the spot when she was rubbing me....

June 16th - I went for a Hiv test it was negative , and I came to know about the window period...Doc said Ask your girlfriend to do an Hiv test

My girl friend becomes angry and tells me - that you are suspecting me...And she is saying "I am not infected" I have not had ever this counter in my life, I have never sucked anyone's and i have never had sex in my life...

I had a boyfriend before five years ... we just use to kiss each other

She also said - she gained 10 kg of weight in last three months...And when i tell her to do a test then she says ki I might be infected from you...Are u alright and she is saying " I wil wait for the window period to finish" which can be on August 15th

So we had encountred twice  - If she is infected which one it could be.... Please help me....And How will I know she is not infected

Also what would be my window period if I am so weak... then ( Because i have tested negative after 2 months of the incident)

Please help me ... Since last month I am not getting any fver only common cold because it's a viral season and every one is getting fever in my home because of viral infections.... I am not able to sleep in the nighta nd I feeling weakness..


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I'm actually not even sure why you are thinking it has to be a std let alone hiv going on here.  You should continue to follow up with your provider to find out what is going on.  

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Who is the provider... here....
And I have two situations....mean two encounter with my girlfriend....Please tell me..
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Your provider is the medical professional you see when you are sick. for some folks this is a doctor, for others it's a nurse practioner or a physicians assistant.  We are not a substitute for your regular medical provider.

you've tested negative for hiv twice now. No reason to continue suspecting that you have it. It sounds more like just a run of really bad luck healthwise.

I assume you aren't in the US?

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Yes I am India, I m in a really in a mess....

My food does not digest....

I am feeling full of fever

I my Stomach aches

It's full of Gas

I itch a lot

Morning when I go to loo, My **** is tight and black

Afternoon when I go .. I can see my some parts of the vegetables what i ate

I feel weak.... My knees pain sometimes...

Only I could sleep at night properly...I begged my GF ... to test...She said she will by 23rd of this month...( My doubt is if she test negative for HIV 1 & 2)... will that be a final result

I don't know what is going to happen to me....

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I don't know what you have going on, but you have not put yourself at risk from your gf if you haven't had sex.

I would move away from an std-related cause and start looking into why you keep getting sick when you eat.


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Sorry - I hit post too fast.

It sounds like you have something going on with your digestive process.  That wouldn't be caused by an std, and your doctor needs to focus on that instead of always thinking you ate something bad.  

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I have one more doubt...

Yesterday i went to a massage parlior to have one head massage...
There a girl did a head massage to me....all over head..and pressing the whole head.......
She put some oil on her head and massged... and shampood my hair...Then she put some water on my face and cleaned with a towel(i don't know whaether the towel was was ok)

My first question is - I don't know wheather she has cuts in her hand...or can she infect me... if I have some cuts on my head or face.. then

The same day...there was one more girl in the massage parlior...who said will give me body massage... I said yes....

She applied some powder on by body...When she was about to touch my penis...i stopped her and put Condom on it...

She started mastrubation.. I touched her bare breast ( I could feel some hard stuff while I was pressing)...

The I ejaculated...in the condom.and touched with my hand after touching her nipples...I did not remove my condom... coz i will do that going home...so I will be completely safe... i put my underware and pants....and went home

In the home i saw the semen was flowing out of the condom and semen touching the body from behind the condom (My penis was not hard)...

I am scared whether May be i am infected with HIv with her her hand touching or my hand touching

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No, you can't get HIV from touching her body or from coming into contact with your own semen.

You also need to be posting this in the HIV prevention forum.

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Please!!!! you treat women quite bad. STD are gotten from fluids not through the hand
or nipple of the women. You have health problems and too much afraid of STD only.
This will cause you hard problems with couples if you continue that way. Please inform yourself better instead of getting crazy with such unlikely events!!!!
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