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My stupidity and Freaking out

I am a 37 year old white male, married with two children.

About a week ago I visited a "modeling studio" and used its services.  The studio is in the Dallas Texas area and the model was also white and I would say she was at least my age, perhaps older.  She said she had recently relocated from Florida.

I had a unlubricated Trojan condom on when the model entered the room and received a Blowjob from her.
Prior to sex I sprayed some alcohol (which she had brought into the room when she entered) on myself and removed the first condom and put on a new lubricated Trojan-enz.  The condom was still all the way at the base of my penis when I pulled out, and seemed to be intact though I didn't spend any time checking it.

I have a pain in my urethra that I started to notice 2 days ago (6 days after event) and it has gotten more noticeable the past 2 days.  I think I did everything necessary to protect myself but if I managed to get what could be NGU/Gonorrhea/chlamydia or whatever is causing this pain I am worried I may have had the chance to catch other things as well.

I visited my family doctor for a sinus infection yesterday and got prescribed 3 500 mg tabs of Azithromycin to take daily.  I read that on single 1g dose of Azithromycin is being used as a treatment for the various forms of Urethritis so I doubled my first dose yesterday and figure this will cure what is causing that discomfort. As you can imagine the stress of "what if" is still freaking me out.

I visited a pro long ago (9 years?) before our children were born and admitted it.  My wife forgave me and I apparently didn't remember all of the stress and misery it caused because I now did it again.  I am confident if I admit it this time I will lose her and my children.

My questions
Is 6 days a reasonable time for a STD to start causing me discomfort?  
Can you figure how I managed to be exposed and if so what were my exposure risks to something more serious like Herpes and HIV?  

I am planning on getting tested for HIV in 5 more weeks which I understand to be good 95% of the time.  Another 6 weeks after that I plan on getting tested again.  I am not certain how long I can avoid sex without raising suspicion though.  We don't have sex often, but 3 months is pushing it.

Thank you for your service, and hopefully this time I will learn my lesson and not make this mistake again
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I completely understand what you are going through (very similar situation). Hope you can find comfort, albeit minimal, in the fact that you are not alone.

According to many of the people on this board, including the doctors your chances of getting an STD from a protected encounter are slim. My present concern from my prtotected encounter 2 weeks ago with a pro is that of gential herpes; which, can transmitted via skin to skin contact.

Best of luck

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It's very unlikey that you contracted an STD there is a slight chance with Herpes as condoms don't cover all areas,the usual time is 2 day to 2 weeks for symptoms to occur but unfortunately some people show none at all.....

You can't get HIV from protected sex even if she WAS infected so forget about that ....  
It's most likely the alcohol that was sprayed on that has caused the problems

My opinion would be your risk was extremely low for any STD .... but if you feel you can't settle then having a Herpes test would help put your mind at rest you don't need an HIV test....


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You had protected sex, so your risk of acquiring an STD is low.  If the condom remained intact, your chances of being infected with chlamydia and gonorrhea are zero for all practical purposes.  NGU, which can be caused by a variety of things, is also very, very unlikely since you used protection.  I am unsure if you also had vaginal sex - if you didn't, you are not at risk for chlamydia, since it's not spread through oral sex.

You didn't get HIV from this encounter.  Latex condoms provide excellent protection.  No further testing is needed.

If you had vaginal sex, there is some risk for herpes and HPV since the condom does not cover the entire genital region.  However, while not perfect, a condom reduces this risk considerably.  If you just had oral sex, there is a small risk for HSV-1, but if your partner did not have a visible cold sore, forget about it.

Urethral "pain" without discharge is unlikely to be a symptom of an STD.  It might be your anxiety from this event magnifying your normal body sensations.  

Good luck,
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Thank you for the responses.

I had both oral and vaginal sex, and during both I was protected.  Sorry that was unclear in my initial post.

I still have the aches in my groin but am beginning to believe it is anxiety/guilt manifesting itself there.  If it continues much longer I will see the doctor in case it is some sort of prostate problem that just happened to occur around the same time. I did have a prostate infection a year ago.

Do either of you (Daisy or Emma) know enough about treatment to say if 1g of Azithromycin (Zithromax) followed by 500mg the next day would generally cure Gonorrhea/Chlamidia/NGU?  The fact this pain has continued even after taking that also makes me logically think that the pain is being caused by my freaking out; but it has been very hard for me to think logically the past 2 weeks.

I am not the most emotionally stable person to begin with; I think feeling the way I have been lately is what lead me to do this stupid thing, so I going to see a shrink soon.  Perhaps my antidepressants aren't doing their job right anymore. My actions are obviously still my fault, but I want to do my best this doesn't happen again in another 5 or 10 years.

Thanks again to all whom have responded
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Thanks for teh qquestion..I was diagnosed with a NSU (DR. says might be chlamydia), she gave me 250mg tablets (4) of Azithromycin, not sure how to take them (labels confuse me) since they are only 4 tablets.

I didn't have symptoms went for hepatitis tes and tested negative for HIV, my results come later for otehrs....

Does anyone know how to take the 4 tablet Azithromycin, soem sites mention 3 or 6 so confused.

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I can atttest to how anxiety, guilt, and fear can manifest itslef in physical symptoms. For the last 2 1/2 weeks I have been living in fear of genital herpes and have had every single pain that many of these websites desbribe.

I have been tested several times and tested negative ; however still waiting for the time window to increase to show any possbile infections.

Luckily I have an understanding wife that realizes I made a huge mistake that I wouldn't have otherwise committed if I was anywhere near sober.

Wish me luck next test results arrive friday.
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I'm sorry I don't know enough about Medications to advise you,but if you had a Prostate problem last year it might be a good idea to see your Doctor and have it checked again incase there is recurring infection there which is causing your groin discomfort.
I know it's difficult but do try to ease off on the guilt we all make mistakes,the trick is to learn from it thats the only way you can be sure not to go through all this again.
Pain is usually a sign that something isn't quite right so keep a close check on that it doesn't mean it's anything to worry about just may need looking into if it doesn't resolve in a day or two.

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Yes, 1 gm of azithromycin will cure urethritis and chlamydia.  It might cure gonorrhea, but its not a preferred treatment.

In any case, its unlikely you have anything to worry about with STDs.

I agree with Daisy about following up with your doc about the prostatitis.


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Thanks for the additional replies

I am still constantly thinking about what may or may not be phantom pain in my groin and abdomen, but noticed yesterday my right testicle is quite swollen and tender. Still no telltale signs such as drip or pain whilst peeing.

This was enough to send me off on a multi hour web surfing rampage to figure this out.  I am not a hypochondriac, I visit my Doc twice yearly tops so I feel very irrational worrying about this so much.  I read that Gonorrhea has becoming resistant to many antibiotics such as fluoroquinolones and was documented as being resistant to Azithromycin last year in nearby Kansas City.

Replaying my afternoon of stupidity (almost 3 weeks ago now); today I recalled that whilst changing from the unlubricated condom to the lubricated one I initially started putting it on backwards, then reversed it and put it on properly.  I did finger the lady while she performed oral on me.  My thought is I transferred the bacteria from my hand to the inside of the condom while initially trying to put it on backwards.  I am not experienced with condoms; this sex worker was the 4th intercourse partner in my lifetime.

I know I don't need to worry about HIV at all here, but I also know bacteria are quite a bit better at surviving than viruses. This method of transmission seems unlikely but plausible to me so as soon as I can sneak away to the county STD clinic I am going to get tested.  I would really prefer to not talk to my regular Doc about this if it can be avoided.  Reap what you sew I suppose.

I also read that 400mg SUPRAX (cefixime) pills have just been been brought back to US shelves as the preferred treatment, and they only cost ten bucks.  Will most STD clinics be aware of this or can I expect to get a shot? (I am allergic to penicillin)

If after being tested (and likely coming back negative) this pain continues I will definitely take your advice and see my Doc about prostatitis.

Thanks again to all for your continued replies and support
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Talk to the doctor at the STD clinic about your allergy, but honestly, you have nothing to worry about here.

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I am now glad I was extra cautious; I do have both chlamydia and gonorrhea.  I showed as negative when tested last Friday but called for results today (I am guessing they let the culture breed in a dish for awhile?) and was positive for those two.

So now I am going to live in fear the (unheard of unlikely) HIV infection I suppose; no matter statistically unlikely - I am unlucky enough to get infections while using condoms after all.

6 weeks when 95% of people will show antibodies correct?  13 weeks is pretty much a sure thing then?  I am pretty certain there won't be a problem not having sex with my wife another 2 weeks, but 8 weeks more she will be getting suspicious.  I think the last time we were together was in early May, so it has probably already been 8 weeks.

10 AM tomorrow I have an appointment for treatment so at least that much will be over.

Lord let me never do anything this stupid again
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Im really sorry about the positive results and hope this is the last of it for you.

As for myself- Still dealing with the same issues, everything is negative at almost 6 weeks and the doc put me on zoloft for the anxiety.

It really seems to have relieved all of the symptoms I was feeling. Will continue to get tested up to the 4 months

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Thanks for the support friend!  I hope the Zoloft helps you out.

I am in tears often and broke down earlier.  I am so scared of losing my children.  I can't wait for my son to mature so I can take him backpacking and flyfishing with me.

I might look into a more rapid way of testing for HIV as opposed to ELISA.  I want to look into RNA by PCR or whatever it is called.  I need somewhere I can pay cash is all, I don't care how much it costs.

I am also very worried about the treatment and resistance.  I took 2 500mg Azithromycin and then 1 500mg Azithromycin the next day ten days after exposure.  That should have cleared up the chlamydia but it seems it didn't.  
I have had bad reactions to some fluoroquinolone antibiotics in the past as well.  I suppose after this course of meds is up I might need to get tested again in a week, and then wait another week for the bug to develop in the petri dish.
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The PCR testing for HIV is only a few days ahead of antibody testing, so its not really worth the money.  It also has a higher rate of false positives.

I'm confused as to how your tests were negative on Friday, and positive today, or why you even called today to get results that you got on Friday.  I'm also really confused as to how you got either of these when using a condom.  Add to that that, you had taken azithromycin.  

Given all this, I'd ask to see the results and make sure they read them right, etc.  


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Thank you very much for the reply Aj

I was told on Friday at the clinic everything looked good, but they gave me a card with a number to call back in 6 days.  After I gave them my number they also requested my name to confirm. I assume the wait was normal procedure?  I figured perhaps they allow a culture to work its magic to get a better concentration than could appear right away to eliminate the false negatives that can happen with urine tests.  I had blood drawn, supplied urine, and the swab.

To replay how I decided I might have been exposed:  Unlubricated condom was used while the CSW performed oral on me.  I fingered the CSW while she did this.
When we were going to have intercourse I switched to a lubricated condom as I understand them to be safer.  I initially started placing it on inside out and then reversed it.  I believe I contaminated the inside with the bacteria from my hand since I fingered her and didn't wash my hands.

I will avoid the PCR if a false positive is more likely.  I guess I really need to wait the 13 weeks then.

I will ask about the conflicting results tomorrow.  I am going to request Doxy for the chlamydia if possible and see what they give me for the gonorrhea.

Thanks again, you are an angel
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I got treated with an injection of Rocephin and was given a week of Doxycycline.  She initially was going to give me the Azithromycin, I am really glad I knew and mentioned I had already taken it.  Hopefully I tolerate the Doxy well.

I asked why I showed clean last Friday but was later shown as infected and she said sometimes it takes a while in culture for them to see it.  I am very glad this clinic did both.  The Nurse practitioner was as confused as comments here are as to how I got infected since I had a condom on anytime the CSW touched me at all, so I am still going with my theory I contaminated the condom inside with the hand that I fingered her with.  It has to be that or the condom broke without me realizing, and I am definitely hoping it was the former and not the latter.

Now I just have 9 weeks to wait until my second HIV test. UGH

Thanks all for being here and your support
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Contaminating the condom with your hands would be highly unlikely, but then again, everything about this is unlikely, isn't it?  ;)

If you have a hard time tolerating the doxy, try eating with it.

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I have never heard of nor read anything to suggest HIV can be transmitted in this way. I think you need to put that part of it out of your mind.

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Hi all,

I have my last Doxy pill left to take tonight yet I still have pain/tenderness on the right side of my groin.  I also noticed a pinching/burning pain near the tip of my urethra developing the past 2 days.

How long after the Rocehpin and Doxy treatment should I expect symptoms to persist.  I have read about false positive retests because the tests detect DNA and not the actual bacteria, so I don't want to run off and get retested right away; but I want to ensure I am cured before I have sex again.
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OMG if you got STD's this way I'm pretty much a shoe in. Great...
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Your symptoms should be clearing up by now.  You might experience a little residual pain, but new symptoms shouldn't be developing.

Not to discount your doctors, but I'm still struggling with you getting gonorrhea AND chlamydia in this way, and wonder if something else is going on.  (I know - I'm a PITA.)

WTF - if he does have gonorrhea and chlamydia, this is RARE, ok?


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You aren't being a PITA at all.  You are being the voice of reason.  Not only did the tests show positive for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea when I used a condom, they also showed after I took Azithromycin.  It doesn't make sense.

I think I will give it the weekend and then decide if I want to go back to the clinic or perhaps face my General Practitioner.  I am moving next month so chances are I won't have to see the man again, but then again that will stay in my medical records; that decides it; will hit the clinic again next week if this continues..

Thanks AJ !!
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I went back to the clinic today for a re-screening.  They didn't test me again but gave me 2 different antibiotics.  I got a single dose of Cipro (unsure of dosage) which isn't supposed to be used for Gonorrhea anymore but I am willing to give anything a go now; I just want better.  I was also given 4 Azithromycin tablets (2 grams total).

Throughout this ordeal I have never had any noticeable pus or drip discharge. My symptoms have remained as soreness on the right side of my groin particularly in the area of swollen inguinal lymph nodes, along with a stinging pain sometimes present near the tip of my urethra. The pain has never been present while urinating but sometimes got worse shortly afterwards.  I have also felt the need to urinate often and more urgency.  While on or under the effects of the antibiotics the pain/discomfort was gone or greatly reduced, but once they were up the pain came back.

I have been hypothesizing again and wanted your input AJ.  Do false positives for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea ever happen?  Do lab workers in busy metropolitan areas ever contaminate cultures?  This is seeming to be more likely; as me still having a STD or even a typical UTI able to survive the number of powerful antibiotics I have taken in the past month does not.

It is hard to believe I caught something since I had a condom on as soon as the CSW entered the room. (5/21)

It is hard to believe that Chlamydia showed up in my culture since I had taken 1gram followed by 500mg of Azithromycin. (5/29, 5/30) prior to going to the clinic.

Now after being injected with Rocephin (6/20) and taking a full week of Doxycycline (6/20 through 6/26) the symptoms came back and the sting in my urethra may be worse.

My second question is what are the half lives of the Ciprofloxin and Azithromycin?  How long will these be in my system?

Thank You,
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I don't know the half lives, but you should be able to google that and find out.

I am totally on board with the false positives.  I don't know what happened, and you will probably never know either, but it just seems SO unlikely that you would get an std from the circumstances you've described.  

If your symptoms persist, don't hesitate to ask for a referral to a urologist.

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