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NAAT Testing Question

I took an NAAT test for Chlamydia and Gonorreah in early July five months after a possible exposure and it came back negative for both.  When I provided the sample I did shortly after starting urination.  That is, it wasn't first catch, it was shortly after.  Does this impact testing results?  From what I have read and I also in talking to the county STD clinic, the way testing is now whether it's mid-stream or first catch does not make a difference.  I don't have any symptoms and it's been six months now.  I guess I am just worried about a false negative for some reason.  Any help answering this is appreciated.
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Hi im sure your test is conclusive as the NAAT is very sensitive also you did not have any symptoms of a white puss discharge and in almost all cases men will have this esp with gono.
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Thanks!  I figured as much but the mind can do crazy things when you are anxious.
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