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Need help for chlamydia test result

Dear Doctor,

I am a male and had unprotested oral sex and protected sex with two women in Jakarta last October 2007.

Back home, mid October and had sex with my wife.
Mid November she experienced itching in her vigina and I also experienced some mild itching in penis.
Went to GP who prescribe Difflucan for both of us. All went back to normal.
Mid December my wife started experiencing itching again and went back to the GP who prescribe Difflucan for both of us + Metronidazole 250mg three days for my wife. All went fine.
Mid January 2008 we both started having same symptoms and this time the GP prescribed Metronidazole to both of us 500mg per day for 10 days.
During the course of the treatment I experienced tenderness in my testicles and some night sweats, dry mouth but no fever.
My wife was tested with vaginal swab:  Direct micros:Epithelial cells ++, Few Leucocytes, Culture: Yields a moderate growth of Coliforms, sensitive to Ampicillin, Augmentin, Ceftazidime, Cephalothin, Cotrimoxazole, Ciprofloxacin, Chloramphenicol, Gentamicin and Levofloxacin
Her Gynea prescribe Augmentin 2g per day for 6 days.
I was tested for HIV Rapid test March 13,2008 (22 weeks) negative results.
Recently I started experiencing some dull pain in my testicles again and did an STD test (blood). Siphyllis, Gonnorea negative. Chlamydia Serological test positive. GP's note 1. Pos IgG: in the presence of clinical manifestation may be considered as present infection and a treatment is advised.2. High IgM titers seldom develop in patients with uncomplicated genital infection.
GP requested a Urine test but unfortunately only serological urine test exist in my country and it showed positive again 3.1UI
GP prescribe azithromycine (Zithromax).
My questions:
1. Is HIV Rapid test at 22 weeks reliable.
2. Could it be that I contacted Chlamydia by oral sex eventhough I have read many of your answers that it is not transmitted this way. I checked the condom each time and it was definetely still on and without failure.,
3. Could it be the bacterial growth my wife had that gave me these problems.
4. How reliable is those above test for chlamydia. Could it be false positive in both cases (blood and urine).
5.Should it be Chlamydia, would my wife be cure with Augmentin 2g per day for 6 days or she needs azithromycine as well. She does not have any symptoms anymore.
6.Would the medication given to me cure chlamydia and any other bacterial infection I might have contacted.

Finally I trust my wife 100% and if anything I was teh culprit and can only blame myself.

Sorry to have been so long and look forward to your good advise.

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The problem with blood tests for chlamydia is that they don't tell you exactly which chlamydia bacteria you are positive for, and there is more than one.  One causes pneumonia, for example.

I can't advise you to treat or not, but perhaps your wife should be tested.

This might be a good question for the doctor's forum, if you feel like paying $15 USD.

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I would like to and I am prepared to pay $15, but do not know how to get to the expert forum and post my question. Actually when I posted my question I thought I was on the expert forum.Could you please help.
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If you look to your right part of the screen it will list:

"Related Expert Forums"

One is for STD's and the other is for HIV. When you click on the STD forum it will look similar and again ask you to pose a question, when you do this then it will ask for information to charge you the $15.
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LOL ty BlueGirl.  I never noticed the links on the side of the page.  :)  

Great CL that I am, huh?

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