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Need help on questions for peace of mind, feeling extreme guilt, anxiety, and paranoia

What happened? --> 3-4 days ago I had protected sex with a commercial sex worker (CSW).  There was a a little bit of oral, and then a little bit of penetration, and it happened to be during her menstrual cycle so there was blood on the condom when I pulled out.  She cleaned it right away and to my knowledge there was no rip or tear on the condom, and I am not aware of any open cuts in my genital area.

With who? --> Again, she was a CSW.  She was african-american, maybe had some tattoos, smoked marijuana, but I do not know if she is an IV-drug user or what her sexual history is.

Why am I freaking out? -->  I have a fiance, and I am getting married in April, so obviously there is the guilt issue.  A TREMENDOUS amount of guilt.  And then there is anxiety/paranoia.  I am very nervous and concerned about the possibility of catching an STD or even HIV, or even getting the CSW pregnant even though the chances I assume are small.

What have I done since then? --> I went to the doctor on Wed morning to get blood test and I gave a urine sampel to test me for HIV, chlamydia, HSV, Gonorrhea, Hep, and Syphillis.


1) Is there anything else I need to get tested for?
2) When I get back these results, say everything comes back negative...since the exposure was only 3-4 days ago, what should I get re-tested for?  And when should I get tested for what? (I want to know that I am 100% out of the woods - I'd love to know this before my wedding in April if possible).

Why the extreme guilt? -->  Like I said, I am engaged and of course I want to make sure I do not pass anything along. I know I did a very bad thing, and the guilt, anxiety, and paranoia is just excruciating.  Can anyone give advice on how to cope with this situation, I would really appreciate it.  Please help, I pretty much feel like the worst person ever, and as you can probably tell from this writing, I am having a lot of trouble coping with this, it's all I think about...

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A whole lot of men do what you did and don't feel guilty at all.  I envy your fiancee because she has someone who cares so much about one mistake. Just get all the tests you need and don't repeat that mistake.
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In regards to HIV and pregnancy there wasnt a risk. U used a condom so u were safe from HIV and she had her period so pregnacy is very very unlikely even without a condom and urs was protected so no worries there. Was the oral sex protected? If not unprotected oral is still consider very low risk for transmission of stds. also hsv is not usually included in standard std testing so u have to request it, for a acurate result this has to be a blood test three months post exposure.
Im not sure the window period for other stds. But i would think that when u were tested was to early. So i would get retested at a later date (maybe in a couple weeks). Im sure u will be fine tho since u used protection and hopefully u have learnt from ur mistake. I can tell that u have : )
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