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Nerve problem?

I had gotten tested last October due to receiving oral and I hate a weird feeling on my penis like it was like a tingling sensation, including a slight itch and these unexplainable sharp feeling on my head. It comes and goes. Come to find out I was completely negative on my test results. Plus the doctor briefly explained to me that it's something that happens after sex, oral and etc. like it's some type of side effect. Now, I'm feeling the same feeling down there and this time I didn't receive oral, but just a handjob w/o lubricant and was wondering what could be the cause of that. Is it a nerve thing or bacterial? And is it something I should be concerned about? And will this happen all the time when I do certain things like sex or oral?
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Do you know what this could be ? I'm really concerned about this and I'm afraid it's herpes.
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Hi, just having tingling with no sore developing would not be herpes related. If the symptoms are topical then maybe a fungal infection.
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Because I noticed when I finished masterbating the other day is what triggered the sharp feeling and itching and etc. plus the tip was rubbing against the boxers a lot.
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