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Neurosyphilis Treatment

I had a fever on Thanksgiving and a couple of days later developed a rash.  I went to an urgent care center and was diagnosed with pityriasis rosea.  I questioned the diagnosis and saw a dermatologist two weeks later who also stated it was pityriasis rosea.  It spread to my scalp so I again questioned it and went to my primary care provider who found nothing wrong.  On 12/27 after spending hours googling and looking up symptoms I went to an STD clinic and was diagnosed with Syphilis on 1/3 and had shots the same day to treat it.  They asked me if I was having any other symptoms.  I stated that I just started wearing glasses earlier in the year and haven't been wearing them and felt I should and that I was having occasional "ocean sounds" in my right year.  They didn't think that I should be concerned about Neurosyphilis, but because of the hearing they allowed me to have a lumbar puncture as part of a study.  I had the spinal tap on 1/9 and got the call the same night that I did show elevated levels and appeared to have Neurosyphilis.  Which actually surprised me as I'm pretty sure that my syphilis could have only been in me for 6-9 months and from my understanding you typically only get Neurosyphilis after having syphilis for a long time.   I began having penicillin shots on 1/10 as well as taking probenecid 4 x a day.  I'm half way through treatment.  Because I had three providers "miss" I'm super paranoid on my treatment.  My questions are as follows:

1.  Since starting treatment the sounds in the ears have improved, but I'm still extremely tired and feel that I can't concentrate as well.  I've also felt as though my glands under my right side jaw are sore or a little swollen.  Is this a possible side effect of the treatment, the syphilis or something else?

2.  I understand that any hearing loss may be permanent, but at what point in my injections can I expect to feel better or will it take even longer?

3.  I can't find anything on how successful this type of treatment is for Neurosyphilis.  I will be going back every three months after treatment, but I'm curious on the success rate of the treatment.  Should I be concerned that this treatment may not work?

4.  I was tested for HIV at the same time as syphilis and that came back negative.  There would have been no chance of being infected for at least 8 weeks prior to the hiv test done at the same time, but I see a connection with syphilis and hiv.    Is it possible that I could be hiv + and that the syphilis caused a neg?

I know I'm sounding paranoid, but I'm just not finding much online and I haven't found a new doctor yet that I feel comfortable asking.  I'm currently having the injections thanks to the local std clinic which are nurses and not specialist.  They have been great, but just concerned.  Thanks
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I encourage you to pay to post on the std experts forum for help. be sure to list your syphilis test results too when you post to them.

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