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Never again

Hi Doc,
I'm married, but have been given oral by men recently.  Just yesterday after receiving a blowjob I noticed a small bump at the base of my penis.  It doesn't have any white puss and just appeared after the bj yesterday.  I keep everything trimmed and it was a vigorous amount of handjob to finish as well as the heat here in Michigan.  I don't have any pain urinating, but this pump has me freaked out.  I've had sex with a man once (stupidly unprotected where I topped).  It seems to have calmed down overnight, but its still there.  What are your thoughts on what it could be?
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Hi and welcome. unprotected oral is low risk but not no risk. Your symptom seems friction related and dont appear that soon after an encounter unless its and std from a prior thats showing up now.
If you married you really should consider using condoms and should get tested for all std,s soon.
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Trust me, no more messing around.  If it is friction related what would be best to calm it down and what are the odds it could be syphillis.  With no pain Urinating I would think I could rule out chlymidia and gonorrhea.  I don't see any blistering and it is only in one spot.  What about it being herpes?
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Oral is low risk but the unprotected anal you gave is an issue. Like i said its too soon to be std related but it may be a coinedence from a prior you one. If youve been having multiple partners with oral, even though the risk low (increased by multiple partners) for your mates sake you really should consider testing as some things lie dormant.
Below are the testing times post exposure:

Gono and chlamydia----1 week
syphilis----6 weeks
Trich------need confirm
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