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New Jersey

When I was pregnant the doctors gave me a pamplet from their office.  Stating their fees, what visits will be like, etc etc.  I noticed that they recommended HIV to all pregnant women.  first I declined at the two month visit, but went back at the three month visit and requested it.  I didn't request the other STD test.  

Just curious, is it true in the state of New Jersey all pregnant women are required to get tested for Syphillis????  In the office pamplet it stated the others tests were suggested but syphillis testing is required by law.  Seems weird, that is a requirement while HIV test is not

Thanks for reading!!

Have a good nite
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It is possible...I live in California so I don't know too much about New Jersey law. However, syphillis can be mandatory because of the harm to the baby.
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Thanks Tommy

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Yes, I guess they did test me for that.  Since, it was stated in the pamplet.  They sent me some letters on tests that came out good.  Its weird I didn't see a letter stating anything about negative for a syphillis test.  
Its weird you can test positive for syphillis right away, while HIV you have to wait on.  
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Well, syphillis is a bacterial infection, while HIV is a viral infection. It can take up to 3 months for your body to produce enough antibodies for HIV to be detected in the blood. However, bacterial infections are usually much easier to detect. Syphilis tests are usually recommended anywhere from 1 - 4 weeks after possible exposure.
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