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Nob Rot. White spots on helmet, white discharge, white rashe.

Im freaking.

On my 'helmet' or 'bell end' i have serious grief.

I live in Thailand.  Sadly, at times when drunk, i have had unprottected sex with bar girls in the main bar girl areas (soi Cowboy, Nana).  In 5 years of living here, i would guess i have gone bare back 10 - 15 times.

3 months ago, i got two warts, just under my banjo string.  This was my first ever STD. They took a long time to clear, even with the Aldara cream that i was prescibed.

Last week i started to notice a new problem.  This problem started 1 week after unprotected sex with a bar girl from soi cowboy.

The problem;

On the edge of my 'japs eye', i have 3 or 4 white spots that seem to discharge very tiny amounts of white pus.

Around my bell end in general, i have simmilar white spots.  These white spots seem to have a very faint white ring around them.

I also have a rash on the bell end which is, of course, white.  It looks like a thumb print, in white.

It hurts to pee.... not too much, but a little.  That said, im not sure if the pain derives from my paranoid state at the moment.  It seems to hurt a little, but that may be me thinking about it too much.

The white rashes spots and discharge are however confirmed and evident.

I have spent hours on google.  There are so many things that this could be, im lost.

Can you please help me out and offer an aponion, however vague?

Thanks so much.
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I would say get to a doctor as soon as possible..
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I agree.  As you found out, there are many things this could be.  The sooner you let a doctor see it, the better your chances of an accurate diagnosis.

Just don't pick at them or pop anything, and get to a doctor soon.

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