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Not sure of the diagnosis and symptoms match

Hey Guys I am at such a loss, back in November I was having all kinds of problems with yeast treated over and over but it only made the pain worse (I was so red) . finally after 3 or 4 visits (and testing for Gonereah and claymidia that was negative) they found tric in late December I finally had about 10 days of relief Since then I will get pain quite often like a burning or like my pants are irratating me and redness, it got real bad again and I went to the doc and asked them to see if the tric was back and he did a wet prep but saw nothing, he said he could see how red I was and usually when someone comes in like that they think of contact and wanted to know if I had changes something laundery soap ect. He wrote me a script for tindamax just to see if that would help since it did last time. It did help but very temporarily. ( around this time my lower back has also been hurting me but I thought it was just my bed) durining the time when we thought it was just yeast I also have noticed that i have not been able to hold my bladder for as long as I used to, I would pee enought though to know it wasnt a bladder infection, no pain when going or anything just couldnt go as long as I used to without having to go to the bathroom.

. In the very begining I would get so red by the afternoon and over night sometimes could be back to normal and sometimes not. I can have pain one day and none the next. It seems that I have pain 2 weeks before my period and then the week of my period I am fine. Then after i have pain one day and not the next I have even noticed I can have irrataion in the morning and by eveining it could be better or worse, so there is no set pattern to my irratation.I pretty much dont get red anymore just the irratation  So I went to a speacalist and she test me for all kinds of stuff and everything is negative except hsv 1 and hsv 2. I am sooooooooo I dont even know the words. I have never had an outbreak and I just want to ask if you think I should have this test confirmed with another one. My test is
HSV 1/2 igg herpeselect type specific ab 6447sb=
hsv 1 iff type specific ab 4.38 index
hsv 2 igg type specific ab 5.00 index

Can herpes bother you every day almost like this without actual outbreaks of blisters? I thought it has relief in between outbreaks, I have discomfort everyday with maybe a day break, but sometimes my discomfort can be morning only or evening only.  Could back pain and not being able to hold my potty for as long all be related? Or do you think all this could be something else????

I just dont know what to do.... I am so sensitive to any medication and I fear I will probabbly have to take suppresive thearpy if these are related. Even doxy makes me sick.

Thanks for reading my long post.
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All herpes questions should be posted in the herpes community, see the link above. They will have the best info for you.
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hi vance, I posted here because I am not convinced that these issures are herpes related. I am wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms. I have also read that your results can be affected from hsv 1, so I was just going to see if anyone else can relate to these problems and maybe give me a little direction. I have posted in the herpes community as well. Thanks for your time and I am sorry if I mislead my question.
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