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Not too sure what I have...

I am a 21 year old male. I was seeing a girl for approximately 6 months and ended up contracting chlamydia from her. She was asymptomatic since her last partner and passed it along to me. We were treated for it and it seemed to get rid of everything. We ended up breaking things off for a little, and I had unprotected sex with another girl after we had broken up. No symptoms for a few weeks post sex with this new girl. I ended up getting back together with the girl from before. She didn't sleep with anyone else during that time (we have an honest relationship, i told her about the other girl i slept with). We ended up trying anal sex for the first time a little bit later, and didn't use protection. A few days after we had anal sex i noticed a slight itching in my urethra, just near the head, similar to the chlamydia sensation. This time, there was no discharge. I also noticed tiny red bumps that began forming on the head of my penis and slightly below the rim. they disappeared a few days later, but tend to return after sex or masturbation. Could the irritation possibly be from the unprotected anal sex? Or should I get tested for herpes. She went and got an STD test and it came back negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea, so I'm afraid its something worse. Im away at school now so we only have sex every couple of weeks and she often complains her vagina hurts after sex. When my red bumps return they disappear within a day or two, so it doesnt sound like herpes to me yet I am still freaking out. Please help!
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It is possible that it is from the anal sex as condoms should be used because of the bacteria you can pick up. But see a Dr to be safe.
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Okay, it was my first time doing anal so I think it might be from that. Thanks for the response
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