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Nurse and Nurse Practicioner unproffesional attitude towards STD

Last week i went with my friend to the hospital and the Nurse and Nurse Practitioner behaved very unprofessional towards my friends issue. He has genital herps and he went in to get a refill for a breakout. He brought in the container of an old med. The nurse told him the NP needed to examine him for the break out and was asked to strip and was given sum paper clothes. The nurse remained in the room and the NP proceeded to examine him. The NP was very unprofessional as he reacted as if he would get herps just by examining him. It was a quick examine and he was asked to get dressed. A few minutes later we left the room towards the nurse as they were taking for ever (as usual) and the nurse said the herps prescription was sent to the pharmacy and she then handed my friend in a, I wanna say a light disgust, "don't touch me" kind of way, a printout on Herpes. He feels all that experience was a bit ****** up. Can he complain about it?
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He can do whatever he wants.
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It's unfortunate when providers forget what it's like to be on the other side of the table and treat someone differently than they would anyone else :(  

Should your friend complain? I think he should call and ask for the email of the clinic manager and write a letter of complaint. If the two of you came away from the experience feeling like he was treated differently from someone who walked in there with a cold and a sore throat, then it's worth taking the time to let them know that you didn't feel like you were given the respect as a patient that your friend deserved!
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