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OMG help me stillhurting

I have had discharge and groin pains for years now and the docs say sometimes that I have Gonn, NGU, Urethritis and sometimes that I have nothing at all but the discharge and groin pain persist and I am positive that it is contagious. My urologist currently has me on 100 doxy once a day for 6 weeks. Its helping but I still have the lingering symptoms. I know part of my problem is my reckless sexual activity. Im not having sex with different irls but I have like 7 girls that im having protected sex with right now  Ive taken all antibiotis except Bactrim and was wondering what is the prescribed dosage of this particular antibiotic and what other steps could I take to cure this constant and persistent problem? Stillhurting, are you there?
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Jesus, you sound like a mess. Lingering pain for years sounds more like psychosomatic symptoms. If you are having protected sex, then your risk for STDs is low.

What steps can you take tto "cure" this "constant and persistent problem?" Try psychotherapy or anti-anxiety medication. Actually, antidepressants have been studied extensively for use in chronic pain. Sounds like they would probably work for you. STD symptoms don't go on for "years" and your believing you are "contagious" is simply that - your belief. You might want to try getting on the couch for a few sessions for some therapy.
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While I don't disagree with what waringblender said as being possible,  unluckiestsoul did say he was still having discharge.  Now some discharge can be normal, when it's clear.  But if he is still having yellow/green/cloudy discharge, or a lot of it, that's not normal.  And discharge is definitely not a psychological symptom.

I know that Dr HHH likes to often dismiss things which linger as being psychological, but let me just put this on the record that in my particular case, he was 100% wrong.  And this was born out by testing.  I'm not saying he doesn't usually give good advice, I think usually he does.  I'm just saying that nobody is infallible.

And let me also say that in my particular case, the fact that some antibiotics work against some things and some don't was also proven.  400 mg Cipro, 1g azithromycin and 200mg per day for 7 days doxy all failed as treatments.

Anyway, unluckiestsoul, what tests have you had performed so far?  I went back to read the old posts (I remember your name) but I didn't see anything where you'd actually given the results of any tests.  Have you at least taken a basic NAAT for chlamydia and gonorrhea?  You might need to refresh my memory.

And have you been good about ALWAYS using protection?  I just want to rule out possible reinfection.

I will say this, as nice as it must be to have 7 women to choose from, it might be hard to get something like this under control when there are so many variables here.  You might consider having just 1 partner, or even 0, for about a month while you pursue treatment.

I will say this about doxycycline: when bacteria is susceptible to it, it tends to work very well.  But it also tends to have high resistant rates for some STDs (like Ureaplasma).  This is why in my opinion, it's so important to know exactly what you are treating in order to cure it.
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Points taken.  But he's talking about "lingering symptoms" even though he's on a dose of antibiotics right now. Maybe because he hasn't completed his full dose as prescribed and he's "freaking out" prematurely?

Groin pain for years sounds functional to me, though. And probably unrelated to discharge.

His insistence that these symptoms have gone on for "years" is a tip-off that there is nothing seriously wrong with him, though.

Then he describes his sexual behavior as "reckless," then saying he's not having sex with a lot of irls[sic], and then saying it's protected with 7 different women. You do the math. This guy is confused, anxious, and in a highly emotional state around STD stuff and contagion. (And apparently STDs have even been diagnosed in the past, according to him).

So I stand by my original post. He sounds like an emotional mess.
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Im not a biochemist but due to circumstance I know a little more than the aveage about std's and antibiotics. We have had great decussions before Still. My name was Unluckysoul (which i am) to Unluckiestsoul. You already know this but Urine test are worthless. I say this under the premiss that I have walked in to my urologist office and took a urine test then walked out and took a swab test at an std clinc. My results from the urologist were alway negative while the swab test always showed infection. Im not saying uurine test dont work they are just less reliable, and with an issue such as health you shouldnt take any chances.

My most recent swab indicated Urethritis
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Waringblender has clearly been brainwashed
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Because I said some stuff you didn't want to hear? Most people don't want to hear that their symptoms are psychological. It's too painful. It's easier just to stay in denial and assume there's a physical reason for their "pain." Even after "years" of "groin pain" and even they are "convinced" they are "contagious." Getting my drift here? Your post reeks of psychological overlay, whether or not you have a penile discharge.

And looking for answers to what you apparently consider "serious" medical issues from a bunch of internet yahoos is one of your problems. You need to be speaking to your doctor about your so-called "discharge," and to a psychiatrist about your functional state.
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Everyone knows that a doctor can only diagnose to the extent of his knowlege. He is in no way shape or form all knowing. If he dosent know whats going on he will say nothing is going on. "Most people want to hear that there symptoms are psychological" that statement proves my point. That statment means that they can tell a sick person nothings wrong with them which opens up the doors for lazy doctors and a whole lot of misdiagnosis.

If you have a 2:30pm doctors appointment trust me your doctor has a 3:00pm meaning once you have entered the office sad to say your only merely a face in a crowd.You have a name but to him you are one of many with problems and if its a hard one that takes time and there is a patient with simple needs you become a problem to the patients that he can help.

I clearly stated that I have been dianosed by swab with Urethitis. And if you were paying any attention, I only listen to one internet Yahoo.
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Well, I'm not the one that changed my screen name from "unlucky" to "unluckiest."  LMAO. You got it bad, dude. Good luck, though. It sure much s*ck to be you.
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The ultimate insult.........reality. I shake his bug and when I do ill have the last laugh. Till then bud

I think all I have to do is get rid of these chicks so once again Still is still right
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So your swab test for urethritis was a microscope smear?  Meaning not a culture or a DNA based test but they observed the infection by looking at the slide in a microscope?  

My best advice would be to stop getting a diagnosis on a condition (urethritis) and figure out the cause.  The first, and cheapest thing I'd say is get a NAAT urine test for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.  Any reasonable doctor's office can order that, and since they are the two most likely infections, it's a good place to start.  Though I highly doubt that Chlamydia could survive from all that doxycycline, it's rarely resistant.

If you do get further testing, wait at least 2 weeks after you've finished whatever antibiotics you're on.  Otherwise, the test will be a meaningless negative.

Also, you didn't answer about always using protection.  This is KEY!  Otherwise this mystery is a problem which will never unravel.

Now I'm not going to make a judgment on how you are or are not feeling.  I do believe a good deal of the people on this forum are full of anxiety.  But I will say, once again in my case, I had 3 Drs all state that I was fine.  One went so far to tell me not to come back again because I was worried about nothing.  Another of the 3 was a supposed STD expert.  And they were all wrong.  So I know how it feels to be told you are having psychosomatic symptoms when you are in fact infected, and how maddening it can be.  I can't even tell you how happy I am I ignored them all.  I couldn't imagine passing any infection on and being oblivious about it.  The level of knowledge the Drs had and the level of interest they had in my care was pathetic.  Fortunately I was lucky enough to meet one Dr who though he didn't know everything, was willing to listen.  I was basically ordering my own tests and taking my own prescriptions.  But I'm glad every day since then that it worked, and I'm now completely healthy again.
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Yeah I understand completely and would love to be in you shoes. So the $100,000 is what did the wonderful doc or urologist do in your situation?

Wow, on a lighter side I bet every girl you meet now has to get checked out before they get a kiss now.
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I was able to test for Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma, and was positive for Ureaplasma.  This is after I'd tested negative for EVERYTHING else (Gonnorrhea, Chlamydia, HSV 1&2, HIV, Hep B&C, Syphilis, Trichomonas).  

As for that being some sort of benign infection, well that's a load.  I had discharge, pain while urinating, night sweats, frequent urination, pain in the urethra, back pain, etc.  I think it's a lot easier to be callous about this infection (or any) when you don't have it.

I was then able to take a sufficient dosage of Clarithromycin (1g per day for 7 days) to rid myself of the infection.

Oh yea, and while I was still infected, my urinalysis was typically negative.  But sometimes the infection would flare up and it would become positive again.

If I were you, I would not start out with the Ureaplasma/Mycoplasma tests first however.  That's not the cheapest or easiest place to look, I'd only test as I did after the obvious things are ruled out.

I won't touch a girl with uncertain STD status with a ten foot pole.

I suppose actually I should change my name, because I am not in fact still hurting.   Maybe I should be QuiteHealthy or something!  I don't know.
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