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Odd Symptoms


Thanks for all the responses so far...

I had red sore spots on my gums around a tooth 5 days after oral sex with a girl. It was very brief, and then I came to my senses. Drink was the issue. Anyway, that went with a mouthwash after a week. Then a week after that I get red spots and one ulcer under my tongue (which have almost disappeared in 4 days!) and some tenderness in my abdomen (only when sitting down, could be groin) but it just throbs very occasionally.

Are these the signs of something nasty or is it all down to stress and anxiety? This has been in my head for 3 weeks now! I was worried about Syphilis or something like that.

Thank you in advance,

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Its not syphilis, as those sores don't recur.

It could be a reaction to mouth wash or something you are eating and drinking.  You might want to see your doc for this.  Assuming you performed oral on her, the chances of you getting anything are slim.  The real risks are gonorrhea and syphilis, and niether would give you the symptoms you have.

Did you perform on her, she on you, both?

If she performed on you, then the chances of you getting anything genitally are slim, and the risks are gonorrhea and syphilis, again.

If you are having abdominal symptoms, you should also check that out with your doc, but that might be anxiety.  If she didn't perform oral on you, then you wouldn't get an std genitally from the encounter.

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Hello, (I have sent a private message of thanks)

My tongue is getting better. The white 'head' of the ulcer disappeared very quickly and it looks a lot better now. Gums totally healed in 10 days. Dentist and Dr confirmed this.

There was no oral on me, and on her it was very brief. Still I don't feel too healthy!

Syphilis was the one I was worrying about, but it doesn't seem like that. What do you get with that?

Thanks again,

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You would first get a sore on the part that was exposed - this can take about 4 weeks to show up, give or take.  Then you might get a rash several weeks later.

You can get more info by checking www.ashastd.org or googling syphilis.  I wouldn't worry about syphilis.  Its still a pretty uncommon infection.

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Oh right, that is ok then I guess. I had ulcers after a week or so.

My abdomen/groin sometimes and now in my neck although this could all be due to stress. Have you seen many cases of Syphilis from Oral sex? Or much else from Oral on a girl?

My doctor looked at my mouth and didn't seem concerned really. Any sores I have had have now gone. They disappeared quickly with mouthwash!

Is it worth a test anyway?
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I haven't seen many cases of syphils, period.  Syphilis rates aren't high in the US, and certainly aren't high where I work.  

I found this stat for the UK - "In 2006 there were 2766 diagnoses of infectious syphilis, a drop of 1% from 2005. This was mostly accounted for by a 19% drop among women, from 420 to 342 diagnoses. There was a 2% rise in diagnoses among men from 2384 to 2424 over the same period."   http://www.hpa.org.uk/web/HPAweb&HPAwebStandard/HPAweb_C/1195733775264

I don't see a need to test, but its up to you.

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I think I may actually be going mad. First I thought I had HIV from oral sex on the girl, then Syphilis. From talking to HIV helpline in UK, and the advice on here there is virtually no chance of catching that. I have excellent oral hygene and there was no blood from her.

The groin pain has gone, but I keep prodding my neck/throat as it feels a bit inflammed and tight in the Lymph nodes area. This is after 4 weeks or so after the exposure. Any ideas?

Thank you for advice so far...
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Sure - could be gingivitis or other oral infection.

Maybe you have mono.  Maybe its anxiety.

Its not an std, though.


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Thanks again.

I am racing through my mind now about previous exposures! Recieving oral sex? Only once and it was more of a kiss than anything substantial.

I am sort of giving up on the idea my symptoms are related to the incident. Life has a strange way of kicking you when you have been stupid. Lets hope the kick is not too hard!

Your advice has been amazing. This forum is good, especially when it details the risks of things like HIV (pretty much zero giving oral to a girl, and not far the same from recieving oral). Other sites would have you thinking you are certainly infected with something.

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I am still having problems, it has been many weeks now. My Dr seems to think it could be anxiety. Have you ever seen HIV from recieving oral from a girl (2 second duration! But maybe cut lip) or from giving brief oral to a girl (not menstrating).

I am at a loss really.

I have had bad stomach
Ache in neck
one more mouth ulcer with little red spots
sore throat
loose stools, for 1 week
general depressed feeling

Please advise

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No, I haven't ever seen HIV from oral sex, period.  

Your symptoms sound like stress to me, or maybe a virus.  Its not an std.  

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Thank you!
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